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Change font back to old one

PLEASE change your font back to the old one 🤓 the current one makes my eyes hurt and I feel irritatingly wasted when looking at it, especially when checking the task overview which makes it all the more worse 😂 Please please feedback to your design / product team I can't handle. Also hope I am not the only one feeling this way because that would actually make me the problem 😂


This new font is seriously bad.  It has really downgraded HubSpot in my opinion.  I have to spend a lot of time and effort convincing C-Suites and boards to adopt HubSpot and by replacing the perfectly legible and useable font with a childish, hard-to-read font, you've just made my job much, much harder.


As for convincing teams that it's a user-friendly platform, the new font is anything but user-friendly and has also made that job harder.


Please, please change it back.  These are the words of somebody who spends a lot of time evangelising HubSpot!


I agree! Please change the font back or at least add them to the list of fonts in the toolbar. Even this toolbar (the community reply box's toolbar) has more font options than the Support Email toolbar.