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Change font back to old one

PLEASE change your font back to the old one 🤓 the current one makes my eyes hurt and I feel irritatingly wasted when looking at it, especially when checking the task overview which makes it all the more worse 😂 Please please feedback to your design / product team I can't handle. Also hope I am not the only one feeling this way because that would actually make me the problem 😂


@wilbertwalrus That works perfect, thank you!


Agreed! This new font is so hard to read, it hurts my eyes too!


The new font is awful. Giving me a headache....another dissapointment from hubspot


I thought "Avenir Next" was the HubSpot brand font. It's a nice one, why change that?


Lexend Deca is only being used on the Tables/Boards but not the detail record pages (e.g. a single Contact record) are still Avenir Next for us.


@wilbertwalrus that's a great tip but super annoying to have to provide to all my users 😞

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Can we change all of the text to emojis instead? Maybe communicate within the CRM with GIFs only? 😂🤣 - Why would this need to change? It was fine the way it was before.


Also agreed here - the new font is much more challenging to read and causes eye-strain as it looks "overly loopy". I agree with the feedback that the new font looks childish, I also thought it was Comic Sans. The old sans serif style looked clean and professional, and easy to read.


This new font is awful.  I agree with all the others above; it looks like Comic Sans (Bold) and it hurts all of our eyes trying to look at it all day.  It's like it's targetted at primary school users and doesn't look professional whatsoever.


Absolutely change this back IMMEDIATELY. 

Whoever headed this change needs to be sacked. Whoever greenlit this change needs to be sacked. Whoever is holding the support team at gunpoint and forcing them to reply that the font "improves readability with distinct characters" needs to be sacked (and probably arrested also).

The entire platform now looks as sophisticated as an elementary school's cafeteria menu.

I didn't believe it was possible for a font to cause physical nausea, but the design team has managed to engineer an unprecedented advancement in terrible UI experience. Not only is it ugly, it's disruptive. I wouldn't be surprised if this font is weaponized for use in global conflicts - defacing social news outlets and forcing populaces to consume media in this font would bring nations to their knees. Hopefully lawmakers act fast to ban this war crime before that happens.

Change the font back and quit screwing around - your userbase has work to do!


☝️ this 100% encapsulates everything that needs to be said about this new font. 


Install Stylus (what is this? where do I get it? how do I install it?
Where do I install it?).

Please advise for those of us who are not computer literate. Thank you.

This new font is horrible. Everyone in my company is in agreement that this HAS to be changed. So difficult to read. It's literally comic sans. 


yes, pls. change it back... its not as "eye" friendly... thank you!! 👀


New font looks like a trendy high school student picked it out.

At least give the option for a regular "Time New Roman" style font as well


I agree, an option to keep the old font would be much appreciated.


Has anyone else noticed they changed the menu back?? It worked!!


Edit- Never mind, my menu was just cached. It's still the new, awful font.


The Comic Sans font is very unenjoyable. The comic sans bold is even worse. For those who look in at hubspot and it the pipeline all day long, it's really hard on the eyes. The font is also just unprofessional/childish. Thanks for taking this complaint into consideration.


I very much agree.  I find the font change to be incredibly distracting.  I reached out to help desk to see if this was a user-setting, but am disappointed that they could only point me here. I am glad to hear I'm not the only one, but wish Hubspot would switch back ASAP. 

I don't get why the font would have been changed in the first place, when to me, the old font was perfect for the interface legibility and readability.  I couldn't find a single Community Post complaining about the UI font until this recent change was made. I also reject the "licensing issue" theory mentioned in the replies, since this page itself is still utilizing the old font.


Please swich it back, Hubspot-- or at the very least, increase the amount of spacing between the letters as soon as possible. 



Agree, the previous font was much better. New font is jarring and uncomfortable to work with. 


I find the new font

- More difficult to read, causing me to have to modify the zoom on my screen, and I can fit less information on my screen, making Hubspot less usable

- Unprofessional

- More straining on my eyes after hours of use. 

This change dramatically reduces my opinion of Hubspot as a product.  


+1 please allow an option to revert back to previous font.