Change email address or HubSpot account associated to Community Profile


Just raising this idea on behalf of a customer. 


The customer will be leaving their current role soon and will no longer have access to their current HubSpot account. They were looking to change the email address or HubSpot account related to their current community page. This is not possible, I would like to raise the idea as a product feature in the future. 


Thanks so much

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When changing employer, a user of the HubSpot community will currently loose all of his ideas posted and badges that have been received - because the email address cannot be changed. This is rather painful for HubSpot advocates who are moving on.



Totally agree! This is something that's always on my mind, and is supported on most platforms.

To be honest, I think this is a basic functionality that HubSpot is severly lacking. 

Status updated to: Delivered
Community Manager

Hi everyone! Thank you for submitting this idea. The ability to update the email address for your Community user is possible through your HubSpot account, or by partnering with the Community team if you no longer have access to your email. There are two options to make this update: 


1. Your Community user will associate with the email address within your HubSpot account. If you update your email address within your account and then log into the Community through HubSpot, your email address will update to reflect the email address within your account. 


2. If you are unable to update the email address within your HubSpot account, you can connect with the HubSpot Community team directly through the Community and we can transfer your established Community user to a new email address. 


Please let me know if you have any questions! 




Thank you @jennysowyrda , that's awesome!


That's great to hear @@jennysowyrda