Change default filters in contact/company view


Can there be a way to change the current default filters in contact/company view so you can choose your most popular filters rather than having to find them under more filters and not have filters there that are rarely used.

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100% agree with this. This should be seriously considered. If we can create custom views and fields, why not be able to set default filters on the view page. I never use the default filter fields, such as Contact Owner or Create Date...or at least VERY rarely. I would think Hubspot would want to make it possible to set default filters that users frequently use. 


For example, I have created several custom fields which I use ALL the time, in order for me to filter on this in my contacts, I have to go to More Filters option, select and then apply. Too many steps and just annoying, given that I never use the standard 4 filters that are taking up space on the screen. This would greatly increase the ease of using the tool as well as reduce lost time going though the More Filters. 


It would be great to see this feature added.




This feature would be very helpful to enhance user and stakeholder acceptance.


It's really annoying have this default filters there that I maybe never use, I am really looking forward to this be changed and be able to use the filters that I think that are more important for me.

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Correct. The leadstatus field on contact views is not needed in a usecase and will bring now confusing for endusers.


This feature will be very helpful