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Change color scheme of all reports - Even Hubspot curated ones

When using analytic tools, or default HS reports, you are unable to customize the color.  Dashboards appear messy and disorganized when the scheme is not consistant.  Perhaps being able to edit the color scheme for an entire dashboards reports would save time and be really affective for visually differntiating dashboards from one another.  

Who:  The Ops team needs to quickly access information.  I am a Rev Ops Co-ordinator and this would really help! 

What:  Goal is to have a quick visual cue, letting viewers know they are on the right dashboard

Value:  This will help speed up dashboard and report veiwing.  It would also enable some teams to be color coded contiguously.  


Please also add calculation options to reports!

Like what percent of my team is reaching their goals?

George has complete ____% of their weekly goal

X Pipeline holds X% revenue at this stage for this many days.

The ability to show calculations or insert calculations into reporting would be amazing!!!!

That also means if I understand the math, but not how certain properties affect a reports results, calculations can still be shown visually in Dashboards.



Please please please!!!

Can you allow for Dashboards to be organized, moved into specific order, put into folders and shared / visible by specific people? Currently it's everyone or no one.  I know there's the email option, but it would be cool if self discovery was a little friendlier.  


Thanks so much for reviewing this! 




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Mitglied | Elite Partner

Similar to this, when creating reports for comparison purposes it would be great if you could set a certain segment to consistently be the same color. For example, we are looking at the demographic breakdown (company size) of our audience across several segments, but each pie chart shows a different company size as blue in each chart. It's incredibly confusing when you're trying to see the comparison at a glance because the visual cue of color is different each time.




+ 100 for this please 


Hubspot colours change every time. My Sales reps get confused as they want to see their performance, they want to have specific colours all the time. If at least HS keep always the same colours will be great!


Agree to this!



Totally agree, it would be really nice if you kan create a default colour scheme containing the colours of your company. So that all is in the same layout.
Also it would be great if you can assign a specific colour to a specific user, so you will not have to set the colour for every user in every report. 

Mitglied | Platinum Partner

All for this! I too feel that dashboards look messy without consistency (particularly all of the multi-coloured reports)! Hoping for HubSpot to push this through.


To echo what has been mentioned, would be cool to use coroproate colors as a pallette for charts.



The idea is brilliant but what is the current implementation status from Hubspot? The dashboards are very messy and it takes time to both understand and then to explain to Board Members what they really represent as the colour schemes are already set. 



Please! +1


We usually slice and dice the same data into different views. My dashboards are largely dedicated to a few choice properties - ensuring their was visually consistency would be so helpful. I always get a little heart attack when my color palette has stayed largely consistent in report building but swapped for one or two reports. Sure its just a double-take, but man could it save me time vs. hard-selecting my colors each time for each report.


I am still hoping for this! Would make my work so much easier


I would love this! I'm currently creating a dashboard for our quarterly board of directors meeting, and am utilizing a Hubspot built snapshot report. I'm unable to change the colors, so it doesn't look cohesive with the rest of the reports. 


this is at least the 3rd post i've seen about this very thing. custom colors sure seem like they would've been a no-brainer on inclusion when it comes to reporting - who wants reports in pastel blues and pinks - we want them generated in our company branded colors.  With all the features, bells and whistles to not include a custom color option just seems like an oversight. We alllllll love ya HubSpot - can ya pleaaaaaaase please pleaaaaaaaaase please pleaaaaaaaaaaase make this happen? ummm by Friday? 🙂 

and btw - THIS is soooooooo NOT orange!!!


Agreed! It would help so much with sending along reports to leadership team and easily merging them into presentations.


Absolutely agreed!


Yes please! With the new Brand Colors update it is going to be tedious to go report by report to change colors. 


I would love to see all of this implemented: color change, calculations and adding folders for dashboards. 


It would be great if we could have the default color scheme on each report be our brand colors.  Right now all Ops created reports are brand colors because we manually change, but then if other teams create reports, they're the Hubspot default, and we'd like to avoid the discrepancy from our brand.  



Yes! I love that we can have our brand colors for custom reports but I don't understand why we can't apply it as a default to the default reports