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Change associations for multiple activities or entire email thread at once

HubSpot pulls most new activity into the 5 most recent un-closed deals that are associated with a contact or company, based on where the activity originates. However, this results in a lot of irrelevant information to be pulled into deals and, currently, there is no way to either disassociate or associate multiple notes, tasks, or emails at once. It must all be done individually, which is incredibly time-consuming.


The fact that I have to expand an activity and scroll all the way to the bottom just to toggle associations is bad enough, but it's even worse that I have to do it for every single individual activity. If I need to disassociate an entire email thread from a deal because I had a completely unrelated conversation with a contact, I have to expand every single email in the thread and change the association for each one individually.


We need a way to associate or disassociate an entire email thread (or multiple notes, tasks, etc.) at once. We also need a much more easily accessible path to changing associations on all activities (so that we needn't expand an email, note, task, etc. just to access the associations all the way in the bottom right corner of the activity). 

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Agreed! I have hundreds of emails coming in from my inbox each day that get filtered to different deals/contacts/companies. It's very time consuming to have to go through and clean up associations for each email thread.


Agreed! If the first email of a thread is associated in a certain way, it should be assumed all the other emails should be associated in the same way. And having to open an email to be able to see the associations and having to scroll right to the bottom is so time consuming, especially when right now it needs to be done for all emails in a thread.


Agreed! Changing the associations, with the required scrolling, is very time consuming there must be a better way.