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Change activity assigned to property

We need to change the activity owner for emails/calls etc so that we can update our reporting (we've had an email address format change since we started using HS, so now the legacy activities are showing up on reports as separate to new email format).


Please could this be added?

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This would be make or break for us to be able to continue using HubSpot as we have people making appointments on people behalf. Find it hard to understand wehy this feature is not already available. 


Seems every other CRM I have worked with has it.



+1, management doesn't log their own meetings, usually assistants do so this is a necessary feature


Agree this is 100% needed. Also the ability to assign activities, such as meetings, to more than 1 staff member


I'm also seeing where a call is made by "rep 1" however it is attributed to "rep 2" because "rep 2" is the owner.  Now "rep 1" isn't getting credit for the calls that they are making. 


Yeah, it's odd because per hubspot's own definitions there's both


  • Activity assigned to: the HubSpot owner who is assigned an activity.
  • Activity created by: the HubSpot owner who created an activity.


But I just had a conversation with hubspot tech support and "assigned to" is the same as the person who created it.


We are struggling with this also as we use meeting bookers sometimes, but the meetings should be assigend to the person actually going to the meeting. And me as an admin canät fix this either..


Is there any update as to when this will be available? 


This is absolutely a must. We alreday are using a workaround when someone books a meeting on someone elses behalf. Now we are struggling with this issue also as we have team changes and we need to keep the legacy activities assigned to "old" users.


I suggest changing the  ownership through the Calendar integration-- 


Meetings/activities have two properties:

Activity Created By
Activity Assigned To

Although you can't edit these properties within hubspot, you can indirectly by editing ownership of the actual event on your calendar. 'Activity Created By' is set based on who creates the meeting. 
However, to edit 'Activity Assigned To' of the desired meeting, change ownership of the event on your calendar (ie google/exchange). If the integration is setup correctly, then once the recieving party accepts ownership, that meeting's 'Activity Assigned To' property will be updated accordingly. 
@JWestbrook HS must be referring to the actualy calendar event in those definitions. 



I think that Outlook does not provide a way to change a meeting organizer. There's a workaround which  is a convenient solution for the new organizer to easily create a duplicate meeting; though they will still have to manually set the date and time. I think that those Sales organizations which have a model where meetings are booked by SDR on behalf of the Sales person this functionality to edit "assigned to" is essential. Otherwise we should use woraround which start to make things complicated.




This is a most wanted feature - not only for the cases where employees leave the company, but also for meetings that were set up by a meeting booker but is to be held by a sales rep (who should therefore be assigned ownership of the meeting)


Yep. We're having this problem w/ SDRs scheduling meetings for AEs and it's messing up our reporting