Change Influenced Revenue in Campaign Analytics

According to the support team, the Influenced Revenue in Campaign Analtyics is "an imperfect metric at the moment because we include all deals associated with these contacts."


This means that "any deal that is associated with any influenced contact is brought into [the] influenced revenue figure, regardless of when the deal was closed."


We need the ability to have influenced revenue look at deals that were Created and Closed AFTER the campaign was created and Created BEFORE the campaign was created but Closed AFTER the campaign was created.


An added layer of complexity is the report date range filters. I think we need to have the report dates impact how the revenue looks. For example, if I filter to see contacts influenced by a campain within the last 90 days, we shouldn't see deals that closed in a windo prior to that 90 days.


Here's the best way I can illustrate this:

Campaign Influence Report to view "Contacts influenced for the past 90 days"

Inbound 18 Campaign, Created 1/1/18

Inbound 17 Camapaign, Created 1/1/17

Today's date: 8/08/18

Look back range: 8/06/18 to 5/08/18


Let's say there are two deals associated to one contact:

Contact Name: Bobby A Smith

Deal 1 Created 12/10/17

Deal 1 Closed 1/15/18

Deal 1 Amount: $5,000

Campaign(s) Associated: "Inbound 17 Campaign" and "Inbound 18 Campaign"


Deal 2 Created 1/10/18

Deal 2 Closed 5/10/18

Deal 2 Amount: $1,000

Campaign(s) Associated: "Inbound 18 Campaign"



My proposal is that deals could appear as influenced in two ways.

  1. Deals created after the campaign was created and have closed within the dates that you are filtering in the influence report AND contacts were influenced by the campaign.
  2. Deals created before the campaign was created but closed after the campaign was created AND a contact was influenced by the campaign.

In the above example, Deal 1 would appear against rule 1. 

Based on Rule 1 (above), the results for the "Inbound 18 Campaign" should be $1,000 of influenced revenue based on the create date of the deal. This is because the deal was created after the campaign was created and closed after it was created.


In the above example, Deal 1 and 2 would appear against rule 2.

Based on Rule 2 (above), the results for the "Inbound 18 Campaign" should be $6,000 of influenced revenue based on the close date of the deal. This is because the deal was created before the campaign was created and closed after it was created.


I think the data would need to appear in two different columns:

Influenced Revenue: Created and Closed

Influenced Revenue: Closed


The columns would have tool tips to explain how these columns are calculated.


Taking it to another level, interesting and perhaps useful data would be:

Influenced Revenue: Created Deals 
This would be all deals created within that lookup window and associated to that campaign


I think the default behavior should be that all deals should not be included in "Influenced Revenue" unless the deal was created after the campaign was created.


These other metrics I'm proposing should be additional and optional to add to your columns in the report.

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HubSpot gets it SO close on so many things. It's these types of tools and functionality that stands in HubSpot's way to being a truly strategic tool. I love the concept of the campaign reporting but it is missing some key things like this and the ability to associate offline activities. 

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Thanks Kristi, please pass this around to anyone you know in the ecosystem. We need this to get to the top of the list and get some votes!

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Here is another simple scenario where this "Influenced Revenue" is very inaccurate.  [We sell IT software, fyi.]


Campaign launched:

2017 New Years Promo


Prospect purchases:

February 2017 (yay!)  Influenced Revenue


More purchases:

December 2018 they purchase more software licenses

May 2019 they purchase one of our other software solutions.


The Problem:

Hubspot recognizes those 2018 and 2019 revenues as "influenced by the 2017 promo campaign".  (booooo)


Campaigns should have some form of "influence shelf-life".  At some point when the campaign is over, its "influence" is done.



I used wildly spread out dates to make the point...because, yes, you can ask..."why are you reporting on a 2017 campaign in 2019?"  But with campaigns that run and end Monthly, and customers who purchase new stuff Monthly....this really screws with "Influenced Revenue" reporting on campaigns.


Possible Solution:

A campaign option to add a "Influence ends on X" could be a resolution to this.  Thoughts?

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Influenced revenue should also only look at Closed-Won opportunities, not all Closed opportunities. 

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The influenced figure is really misleading!!! It looks like these are closed won deals but clearly not - makes evaluating campaigns really difficult if you have to go through the deals manually to see which really are closed won.  I think its pointless having it there!


It is also annoying that when you set up a campaign it doesn't pull historical info in - If I want to review an event and pull all the assets together to see how sucessfull the evnt was, it will only give me the info from the create date.


Also - is it me or do the Tracking links not always work?  I am sure that there have been hits to social media posts that we have used tracking links on and there is no information in the campaign even tho they are linked. I am just not sure how much I trust the information - I just need to be able to see the figures and not have to dig around to check them!

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My problem is that any contact that has opened your email but also closed a deal not relevant to your email counts as influenced revenue! I could definitely be missing something in the way that deals are being linked etc. but I'm having a very hard time doing my reporting through Hubspot! For example, this snapshot shows closed deal of 1, but that deal does not relate to the product that I had advertised!

Screen Shot 2019-06-27 at 4.39.33 pm.png

Am I missing something and is there a way to fix this?


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It would also be good to have a second revenue figure - one that is just revenue from that campaign (i.e. not influenced revenue) so that we can see actual revenue that was a direct result of the campaign and not just if they were associated with the campaign (i.e. on the list an email was sent to). So having both figures would be helpful 


Also, it seems that if someone is on a list of an email that gets sent and a deal closes from them being in the portal already and they tdidnt even click on the email or open the email , they still seem to be added as a closed deal under the influenced revenuew on the campaign - this isnt correct as it should only be influenced if they actually interacted with email/ad, etc.