Change From address for Quote eSign verification email


PROBLEM: When a client signs the quote using hellosign, the confirmation email titled "Please verify your identity to sign your quote" is sent from<> and frequently goes to the signers spam folder, which is a HUGE pain to identify and many deals are thought to be signed by the signer when the contract is not yet fully executed. This problem is compounded when there are multiple signers on a contract. 


PROPOSED SOLUTION: Allow our company to customize the sent from email address to be specific to our company, then allow our company to update our SPF record and DMARC to allow the email to be sent from our email address to use our email reputation. 


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This is causing us pain also!


We also need the option for this email to come directly from our domain. This is a brand trust issue that should be resolved.

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This is a great idea. I would love this email to be editable alltogether by the way, so also the contents of the body.


Yes please! We are having so many complaints about emails getting stuck in spam.


Would be very nice if this e-mail could be edited, very inconvenient.. 


+1 here - every piece of the sales process is customized except for this one part. Hopefully the product team is looking at this.


The other massive annoyance here is that even with the transactional email add-on, there is no log of the email having been sent, the result is that we end up with these email we are highly dependent upon, but no insignt into whether they were delivered or not.