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The ability to adjust which created Dashboard is shown as default would be extremely helpful. Currently, myself and members of our Sales team need to navigate away from the current basic "Sales Dashboard" in order to access our custom one that is primarily used. Having this new dash load upon log-in would be very nice!



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I agree. We just had a client ask for the same thing. 

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This would be fantastic!

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Couldn't agree more - do not have your personal dashboard on the dashboard "homepage" is just not efficient and is not what Hubspot's **bleep** proposition is about...

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Yes,  a way to change the default dashboard would be very nice. Not every team member needs the same information and being able to change it more reliably would be a time saver. 



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It seeks exceptional strange that a tool designed to drive sales can't assign the primary dashboard view based on the primary function of the user. Your main dashboard view should be based on what you do as a job function. I am not in marketing, therefore I have no need for the features that would bring me. I want to see sales related graphs and reports when I log in or click my home. It just seems like extra click being created when if you gave the user the ability to chose which dashboard is the default based on their role it would be better. Just my opinion, but Im sure there are a lot of salespeople who would feel the same.

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Yup, as a sales rep, seems like table stakes to be able to make the sales dashboard my default view.

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I agree . .  come on Hubspot . . basic CRM features we're looking for here!!!!

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Yes please!

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Another vote - this is basic stuff Hubspot team!

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Yes, I want sales as my default.