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Change Contact Owner if Meeting Booked

A lot of times, people will send leads to sales reps who do not come through our typical funnel (referrals, blog readers, random connections, etc.) We also have SDR's scheduling meetings for Account Executives. Sometimes they'll send out a calendar link in an email and the person doesn't schedule for 2 weeks. 


At the moment, there is no way that I know of to automatically change the HubSpot Owner to the person who they have a meeting with. Esentially, it would be great if, for example, a lead was owned by SDR Bobby, he sent the lead Ed's Calendar, when the lead scheduled on Ed's calendar, the lead HubSpot owner was changed to Ed. 

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April 27, 2020 03:59 PM

Hi Communnity,


Thank you all for sharing your feedback!


For transparency I am updating this issue to "Not Currently Planned" because we wont be able to get to this in the next quarter. 




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I agree - in my use case, I use an admin/manager account to create my meeting links, then have the meetings booked round robin between the sales reps. I'd love the contact to get assigned to whichever sales rep gets the meeting booked with them. 


Yes, this would be a GREAT feature to have. I have a thank you email that goes out to those who request a consult via form submission, and inside that email is a meetings link (that is a round-robin). If the person books a time via the meetings link, I'd like to re-assign whomever's calendar it was put on as the new contact owner. (This way the previously assigned sales-rep can discontinue their follow-up task process, and the new rep can take over).


We have two account executives, and I like to split the demos between them evenly. So, we schedule almost 100% of our demos through round robin meeting links (even if we're scheduling over the phone). The benefit is that I have a workflow that is triggered by a form submission (for the round robin meeting links). This workflow auto creates a deal (and saves us a bunch of time). 


When we just had one AE, I could automatically assign the deal to the AE. Now that there are two, I'd love to auto assign the deal to the person assigned to the round robin meeting. Right now, I can't find a way to do that because the only place you can really see who the meeting was assigned to is in the activity section of the contact. 


If booking a meeting with someone automatically made that person the contact owner, I could trigger off a combination of a form submission AND the contact owner. Even if it was just a preference in the system like "change contact owner if meeting is new person." 


Another option would be to create a field that records who the last person was they scheduled a meeting with (because you could use that as a workflow trigger). 


It's crazy this doesn't exist. We have a placeholder owner of Marketing, but if a meeting is scheduled with a sales rep we want to assign that rep as the owner and there is no way to access that information in a workflow.


I have a workflow performing well to accomplish this. 


First make a list for each rep:

At least one associated activity has

Activity created by is any of {NAME OF REP}

Form submission

has filled out any form submission on Any page

Then a workflow using that list in the trigger (along with anything else you may want to filter out... I included some lifecycle stages for both contact and company to filter this down to non customers. 
Action: Set a contact property Contact owner to {NAME OF REP}

You'll need to create a list & a workflow for each rep on your team. The result is any demo that gets booked, the owner of that contact is changed to whoever the call/meeting was booked with.  I also have workflows so that if a contact owner gets updated, it updates the company as well. Also working in reverse for deals and companies to update the associated contacts. 

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Hi Communnity,


Thank you all for sharing your feedback!


For transparency I am updating this issue to "Not Currently Planned" because we wont be able to get to this in the next quarter. 





We have the same problem. I reached out to Hubspot support and then workaround was to set up a workflow with an If/Then logic, for example: If meeting is assigned to AE 1, change company owner to AE 1. Not ideal becuase I'll need to update it every time I hire someone, but it works in the meantime until this feature is released.




I would like to add to this, as sometimes a customer goes through a "Round Robin: Meeting" form and is assigned someone before we have had a moment to assign a contact owner OR we recognize with more information after the meeting is booked that they should be with another contact owner that was not previously assigned. 


As an admissions office, using Hubspot adding this feature would be beneficial in the off chance the customer is not assigned to the right associate.  


Thank you.


You can make sure that on a Team meeting link if the contact is owned by a team member that it will only show their calendar, but you can't do the opposite -> set the contact owner based on the meeting owner.


At the very least, it would be great to allow workflows to "read" the data off the meeting object so we can use workflows to do the automation on our own as a workaround.




I'm also waiting for this feature but I found a temporary solution to change owner if meeting is booked with another team member:


Capture d’écran 2020-12-30 à 14.40.55.png


  1. Create a worflow which starts with "Date of last meeting booked is known" (you can check re-enrollment property)
  2. Add a 1min delay (and set all the others workflows to 2min delay)
  3. Add a if/then branch with "if activity type is Meeting AND activity assigned to is MemberTeamName1 AND Meeting start time is after property last modified date (for meeting to come and not older meetings)"
  4. To the Yes Branch add another if/then branch with "if contact owner is none of MemberTeamName1"
  5. To the Yes Branch clear contact owner and set a property contact owner with the MemberTeamName1
  6. To the No branch of the point 3, to the same with every TeamMembersNames

When others workflows are launched with 2min delay, they assign tasks and deals to "existing owner" who's changed just before.

Is a bit long and seems to be imposible if you have a lot of TeamMembers, but it works for now.


Hope it can help some of you.



@Mamscarlett thanks so much for posting this - it's very helpful and I'm looking to setup something similar.


After a quick test, it seems meetings booked close together cause some confusion. 


Given you've had this up and running for a bit, have you noticed any issues with the logic, and if so, any updated thoughts you could possibly share?




This is seriously needed. We have a "default" contact owner, but when a contact goes through a round-robin meeting link, the contact owner field isn't updated with the the name of the person (internal) that the meeting is booked with. Would love the option to "overwrite" the existing contact owner. 


@RTurner sorry for delay. I didn't notice big confusion with this solution, but you right, if meetings are booked many times a week with differents owners, owner will change every time. I don't have solution for it 😕 


Can we get an update on this?  


We allow our customers to self schedule and then trigger making a deal. If somehow we could find who the meeting was scheduled with before, then assigning a contact owner wouldn't become such a manual process. 


The only solution provided to me by support makes our conversions nose dive.


Last update for this was a year ago. 

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Thanks for all of the ideas. I am now using keywords from the meeting name to assign to the meeting owner. 


Screen Shot 2021-05-04 at 2.16.34 PM.png


I have the same issue :  we are using a round robin calendar, but the owner of ther transaction is not the organisator of the reunion. 

We should be able to make a workflow : if the organisator is .... so he became the owner of the transaction, it would be much easier


This feature would be super helpful, as the inbound leads book a meeting via Round Robin calendar and they all are currently assigned to one person, which is annoying. Having a possibility to automatically assign Contact and a Deal to the responsible sales rep, would be nice. 


Hi HubSpot Dev Team. Is there a way you could reconsider adding this feature? It's a much-needed feature in HubSpot. Thank you.


Another thumbs up to this idea. This isn't currently a way to programatically assign a deal owner based on a meeting. With our inbound heavy and low friction architecture, data can get very messy very quickly if our sales team doesn't stay on top of things.


Another thumbs up! Seems crazy our BDR can send a group cal links with our AE calendars, but not auto assign to the AE the round robin picks. Makes it very difficult to auto create deals for the BDR - AE handoff