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Categorising 'notes' with hashtags

As we start to use HubSpot across more parts of the business (outside of just sales and marketing) we want to capture more and more data/info in HubSpot - in one system that our entire company has access to; that's the dream!


Anyway, our customer success team wants to leave notes on a company record, and categorise the notes (if appropriate). For example, if we want to track customer comments everytime our 'customer support' is mentioned in a meeting/call, then the team would like to add #customersupport to the note.


Then it'd be awesome to be able to filter all notes with a certain hashtag from a central place within HubSpot, without having to trawl through every company or contact record to read each individual note.


We'd then be able to see, at a glance, all customer comments about #customersupport and perhaps other important info like product requests or roadmap input...

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I am upvoting this. Not only using hashtags but also give a category/type just like we have with Calls and Meetings.

This way companies can report on certain outcomes.