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Catch out of office replies

Every week we send out big weekly email newsletters and gets hundreds (sometimes thousands) of out of office replies. Can there be a way to catch these before they reach the person who sent the email? Then if someone replies with a legitimate email, that it sends a notification with the email?


Mailchimp has this feature and it's insanely helpful. They call it "Use conversations to manage replies - When enabled, we’ll generate a special reply-to address for your campaign. We’ll filter “out of office” replies, then thread conversations into your subscribers’ profiles and display them in reports."

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Yes, I agree. We need to be able to filter automated out-of-office replies, now left company replies, etc. 


They is a basic feature that providers like mailchimp provide. It would make conversions from direct email responses easier to track by eliminating the noise from the many OOO replies.


@hubspot we need this!

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This is super important, especially now that Service Hub is a thing. Our company sends out a daily email and we're now getting overrun with out of office replies that crowd our inbox and make it more difficult to respond to real requests in a timely manner.