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Carrousel Ads

Currently, we cannot track the leads or clients from the carousel on LinkedIn or Facebook even though these contacts are synchronized into HubSpot, we can't say which leads come from the carousel ads. It would be useful if the tracking was available for these kinds of ads as well. 

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Please, please add Linkedin carousel posts and ads and Instagram carousels as well! We're currently looking at getting a later or sprout subscription so we can schedule Instagram carousels at least, but we really want to use Hubspot to keep everything in one place, especially since Later does not integrate with Hubspot. 


The carousel posting feature would help us a lot in planning our social media activities - please include it as a feature as soon as possible!


We need carousel posts on LinkedIn. How else could we schedule all our posts, including the ones with carousel images?


The carousel posts capability is really needed as now we have an issue with pictures being cropped when we post more than 1 picture at a time.