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Cancel or Delete Approved/Signed Quotes

Sometimes when a deal is closed won, with an approved/sign quotes changes must be made (because of a sales misunderstanding or error)

Even if the sales team create a new quote for approval, this old quote need to be canceled.

We need this functionality to avoid having quotes that are no longer valid related to deals that are closed won.


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Agreed, this feature is needed! 


I agree with @CUrsu1  100%

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Writing on behalf of a customer, this feature can be extremely helpful. 


In my customer's case, when we have contacts that signed the quotes but did not actually pay. We want to remove these quotes because they do nothing for us. 


It will be great to be able to hide these quotes as well if signed quotes cannot be edited or deleted. 


Dido. Just did a test and it threw off my data. 


This is a definite need. Not being able to cancel or edit a monthly quote once the client has signed can create a truly poor customer experience. 


Please add functionality.


Algunas veces tenemos una necesidad real de hacerlo. Tal vez haga de esto un permiso especial o al menos que esté disponible solo para superadministradores. Lo necesitamos. 



Hello all, 

I've noticed a lot of improvement in the quotes area which is absolutely amazing. However, I don't have the option as account owner / Super admin to delete a finalized quote.

While I do understand the thoughts behind it, it's highly unlikely anyone will ever use it without testing it 🙂
Please give super admins the option to delete finalized quotes (I can't delete my test quote without having your internal team remove it). 

Other than that the new quotes updates are looking great!

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This is very much needed, we need to be able to test the quote process and delete the quotes afterwards


this is simple, should be an easy fix. 


This is definitely needed, as we are also stuck with test quotes muddying our data!


I think this would take the Hubspot engineers about 1 day to complete and implement. You can easily delete a pending quote. I understand not editing a signed quote, but there really needs to be an option to delete a signed quote maybe with a pop up "are you sure you want to delete this quote?" -- I had a quote with an incorrect address and there is no way to delete it. 


Just like deleting contacts, there could be a trash bin where archived quotes could sit for 90 days before being permanently deleted. This is a needed feature!

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This feature can certainly help prevent friction in the sales process.


We need to be able to void or delete quotes!! Please!!


We absolutely need this! Super admins should be able to delete quotes or archive them. How can I prevent incorrect quotes from showing up in reporting, confusing our fulfillment department, etc. 


Completely agree this is needed. A customer signed a quote then an error was subsequently found and a new quote was created and e-signed. I couldn't believe that I couldn't delete the erroneous quote and provide evidence to our customer that we had done so!


We absolutely need this! Super admins should be able to delete signed quotes or archive them.  These quotes that were wrong will continue to show up in sales reports.


Adding our voice to this. Very annoying not being able to delete it. Get the same behaviour trying to archive via the API...


I agree with all of the above suggestions. Deleting or archiving signed quotes that have errors, need updates, or were never paid would be a great way to keep HubSpot clean and organized. If there is concern about losing critical data, HubSpot could require approval to delete a quote. Additionally, adding the ability to tag quotes with properties would be a helpful way to filter out quotes that should not be used in a report. For example, you could tag quotes that are for internal use only, or quotes that are no longer active. This would make it easy to find the quotes you need and avoid including irrelevant data in your reports.


This issue was first reported over 2 years ago and seems at the surface to be a small ask?