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Cancel Approved/Signed Quotes

Sometimes when a deal is closed won, with an approved/sign quotes changes must be made (because of a sales misunderstanding or error)

Even if the sales team create a new quote for approval, this old quote need to be canceled.

We need this functionality to avoid having quotes that are no longer valid related to deals that are closed won.


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Yes!!! I 100% agree.  We could use this function / abilty as well with our business


This would be extremely helpful. Assuming there isn't a workaround for this at the moment.


Is it possible to delete signed quotes?


It would be helpful to have a delete signed quotes options for Super Admins. While setting up the quotes and changing over from the beta version we had to create and test a lot of options and we now have quotes I can't delete.


This would be super helpful. A few other pieces that would be appreciated in the quoting process:

  1. Assigning a quote to the Sales Rep instead of showing the person that created the quote to the client/prospect
  2. The ability to review when a quote was signed, by who, and have a copy of the signature
  3. The ability to delete a quote when incorrect or void the quote at a minimum
  4. The ability to customize the download and print versions of the quote to improve the formating

Definintely need this functionality, even if it is restricted to high level users


There should at least be functionality for a super admin to remove quotes, or even to be able to send out an email for the signers to accept that the quote is being cancelled. 


Many times, after a deal is signed, things might happen that require a modification to the deal, and currently this is impossible 


I nderstand why a signed quote can't be deleted due to it's being "legally binding". But, we need the ability to remove this from our system so it won't affect our reports, metrics, etc. 


So, if I have to make a change, if I made a mistake, then it stays here forever? Seems I have to create a whole new quote but what about the quote amount in my reports, etc. But if I do that, now I am faced with always creating a *footnote situation. This is a really tough spot to be in. 


Maybe there can be an "archive" status that will keep it's legally binding needs in mind while removing it from our view, company and reports. 


Yes, I would love the ability to void a signed quote if an error has been made.