Can we make it possible to export the duplicate contacts?


Hi there! Was told to post here as "Our product engineers are actively seeking feedback and feature requests" and we are wanting to find a way to export OR filter our list of duplicates. We can get up to 2000 sometimes and its horerendously time consuming to go through them individually. Thoughts?

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I do experience the same issue and it would be soo helpful to be able to filter or report on duplicate before the next batch is displayed by HubSpot every 3 weeks. It will help in clearing them and also looking for them internally.


Agreed. It would be very useful to have this functionality.


We just started looking for the same thing.  A valid export would allow us to have the selected compare fields of the two contacts and the hubspot contact IDs of the two records. In excel, we would be able to write some logic to produce an action, (MERGE INTO, DELETE)  followed by the Contact ID.   This would greatly accelerate the processing of duplicates 


I'd like to add my request for this functionality. It would be very helpful to export the duplicate list so we can assign records to different staff memebrs for investigation/resolution.