Can´t upload videos to my instagram posts

Hi. I´m the person who schedule posts on social media channels. We use to post text, imeges, GIF´s and videos from time to time. Text and images work ok on every channel but hubspot don´t let me upload GIF´s or videos on Instagram accounts. Is it possible? how?

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Hi, I've had this problem, I think that it is an Instagram API issue, you can't post multiple image posts through Hubspot at the minute either.

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I've read that Instagram just recently updated their API at the end of last year to make scheduling videos a possibility for 3rd party software. Some have already implemented the feature, so I think now it's just a matter of how long it takes Hubspot to make the update.

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Wholeheartedly agree, would love to see gifs and video on Instagram. Love that you can upload video to Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook, but Instagram would be fantastic as well. Instagram throttles video to 60 seconds or less for timeline playing, which may be part of what makes the integration tricky. That said, this would be a really nice feature for videos that meet the threshold, thanks for posting. 

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Agree! I currently have to keep our account for our clients on Sprout Social because I can do this there but not in HubSpot. Once this feature is added, we can get rid of that account. Please do it soon Smiley Happy

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Would be great to see this feature implemented!

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It would be a great feature to be able to post videos on Instagram through Hubspot. My company regularly posts videos and always have to manually upload them through our mobile devices. Unfortunately, this doesn't allow us to track any analytics for the video through Hubspot. Definitely a feature that would be very handy.

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I use Hubspots SM platform daily and being able to upload videos through Hubspot's Instagram feature would be very, very helpful to cut down on my time to upload on my mobile devices. Please incorporate the video feature into Hubspot's SM platform! Thanks! Smiley Happy

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100% need this.

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Our social team would benefit greatly from this feature as well. Right now we can schedule out everything else, but are forced to schedule video manually/natively.

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I agree. Linkedin and Facebook all allow it, but not instagram? Seems really odd. 

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Being a BTC business with a lot of our customers interacting on Instagram particularly, this feature is vital for us!
Please implement this feature soon!

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We really want to see this happen!

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This causes issues for us as well. I love hubspots capabilities for social media and scheduling but I wish they would follow through on the promise of making videos postable to IG happen!

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Yes Please so so! There's no point for Hubspot to keep marketing that they can do market monitoring if such uploading options are not available. 

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Agreed. We really need this feature.

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Would like to see this happen ASAP. It is time-consuming having to log in and upload on mobile, especially when all of our other posts have been scheduled in advance. 

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I'd also love to see this functionality - it's the only thing preventing us from migrating all of our social posting to HubSpot

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We would like to see this implemented as well. Very frustrating.

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Agreed. We would really like this feature.