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Can't edit scheduled emails

The latest update broke the ability to edit emails that are scheduled.


This is a big nuisance. There is no easy way to get the scheduled email back again either. It is deleted from Gmail when it is sent to Hubspot, so to edit the email, it needs to be re-copied from HubSpot, reformatted if the copy doesn't preserve formatting, and attachments need to be re-uploaded.


It would be great if Gmail kept a copy of the email that is scheduled on HubSpot, so it can easily be edited on Gmail and re-scheduled if the originally scheduled email needs to be deleted so a modified version can be scheduled. This was a fairly common workflow for me.

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Occasional Contributor

I thought I was missing something or because I'm a free member I don't have that option but I see I'm not the only one. Not being able to edit a scheduled email is a big no no for me.


I'm also quite shocked that you can't edit scheduled emails. I would like to see this feature amended to be user-friendly. I tried logging my idea and for some reason, it wouldn't save. I upvote this idea!

Occasional Contributor

Please add this. It's really strange you can't edit a scheduled email. This would help email efforts a TON.