Can't create new global modules now that you guys moved it to design manager

Hey, you guys moved the global modules to the design manager and while from a developer standpoint we're happy with the interface being in the design manager for -us. however there are few problems this introduced. There's now only 1 way to create a global module, and that is to pop a hubspot module into a normal template then convert it, then remove it from the template(if you only want it to be used in flex columns and not shown by default in new pages with that template) In addition there used to be a great separation that we liked where marketers got to focus on using the page/post editor and the developers focused on the design manager. This separation made it easier for the marketers, they generally from our experience of doing 40+ HubSpot sites don't want to touch the design manager for anything more than swapping out an image that's in a locked hubspot image module. Now with the design manager being the ONLY place for global modules, which we use heavily for global CTA's, Announcement bars, etc. They can only access it through the design manager, which they don't want to go into(it looks technical to them, and they know that if they make a mistake in there they could screw up a site and that scares them). SO please add in the modal for the big blue "New" button to add a global module, with a selector for the type of global module. Also give marketers their own interface for global modules. Even just bringing back the old interface for them would be fine. They generally don't want to go into the design manager themselves, for anything that's in the design manager we the developers tend to get contacted to change. From the developers perspective too that means that for minor little text changes in global modules we're likely to get called for that, making it an inconvenience for the marketer and for developers it's a trivial task that we'd rather focus on something else.

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Can't create new global modules now that you guys moved it to design managerHubSpot Product Team
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Jun 22, 2017

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HubSpot Product Team
HubSpot Product Team
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