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Campaign Filtering By Name

Currently I can only filter for contacts' on first or last touch converting campaign if I use the "internal name" for a campaign. This is not easy to use (I can't find this value on the campaign, so I have to go to a contact who converted and find the internal name on the property details.). Additionally, Some of our campaigns use a naming convention like, "content" or "event" and I'd like to easily be able to filter based on parts of the campaign name. 

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I need to this too. I'd like to be able to use campaign names in my filters for workflows and lists. 


For instance, if campaign name contains "2022", then {actions}



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I would love to see this included in HubSpot reporting and list creation. Being able to breakdown data by campaign per BU is something that would be super helpful to have. In this example, each BU uses a naming convention so it would be nice to be able to report on things like MQL totals by first touch converting campaign, filtering by campaign name containing "BU abbreviation".