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Campaign Dashboard

I'd like to be able to use Dashboards and Custom Reports to build a true campaign dashboard.


Example: A webinar campaign goes live.

All in one Dashboard, I have:

  • Count of registrants
  • Landing page overall performance (views -> submissions)
  • Landing page submissions by source (this is currently available in Content Detail view but not as a report)
  • Email performance (clicks, opens, conversions, by email -- this is currently available in Marketing > Email but not as a report)

None of this is available in the Campaigns view.


I have to click around to several different places to get a handle on how the campaign is actually performing.

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100000% All of my reporting is on dashboards except this. Most strange!


Agree with your comment, we need a true campaign dashboard. 
I would also add to have a view throught dates (weekly, monthly, etc...)