HubSpot Ideas


Campaign Calendar and Workflows

With the new campaigns tool I would love to see the following features added to make the most use of the tools!


1. Ability to export the content and campaign calendars. 

As the Marketing Coordinator for a large business who hosts many company-wide events it would be awesome to showcase when the upcoming events are happening as well as what content is scheduled. This helps sales and operations to be aligned, as well as the owners of the company to have an idea of what our brand looks like before content or events are pushed out. 

2. Abitlity to create workflows around campaigns. 

Have a campaign created trigger in workflows would allow people like myself to have a structure to the pre-planning, day of, and follow up process for all kinds of campaigns so we can ensure consistency. It would also keep entire teams accountable if marketing-based tasks can be created when campaigns of a certain type are created or campaigns created by a certain owner or team. A work around would be instead of just the Task calendar, users could opt in for a Campaign or Content calendar subscription in their personal settings. 


3. Addition of active lists to assets. 

Some campaigns are ongoing or last quite a long time. Having a static list as an asset only really helps when a campaign has ended which can require some manual work.