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Calls and meeting types: update old "types"

This is more like a bug than a feature request.


Let's say you have 3 possible values in 'Calls and meeting types', they are {A, B, C}. Now, you realize the name of 'C' is not right and update it to 'X'. 


--> On standard properties, that would update the values of 'Calls and meeting types' to 'X' for all records that previously had 'C'. 

--> On 'Calls and meeting types', it does not. The dropdown will become {A, B, X} but records will have either A, B, C or X as value. Reporting is impossible as filters are only proposing A, B or X after the update. So all records containing C can't be used in the reports.

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yesss.. going through an exercise to standardize this and it's increasing frustrating that it does not auto-update. Also frustrating that you can mass update or automate this field on meeting tasks. 


I am having to go one by one to updated hundreds of task records. 


I want to add my voice to this too.


It would seem most sensible to alert when changing these drop down list values and allow you to migrate old values to new to avoid 'dirty' data and would not need the work around options of keeping old values in reporting etc ...


...OR if they allowed call and meeting type properties to be edited via a workflow, you could run a workflow that says:


Trigger: Call/Meeting Type = C, change Call/Meeting Type to X


its a bug and the response was not great telling us to go and update every meeting my business had done manually for the last 10 years in hubspot ! 


Get it fixed, please 


Yes, very annoying issue, especially as you can't search for types that don't exist anymore, e.g. you can't filter by them!


We spend so much time and money updating properties in HS. I agree that this feels like more than just a feature request. It's a several years long issue that needs to be fixed.


This absolutley needs an overhaul. We're also facing the related issue of merging multiple options into one. Being able to update activities as objects in a workflow would address both of these issues. (For example, meeting type C and D are the same and we want to now call them X). Merging options is also already an option for regular properties in the property settings.


Hubspot's whole thing is "scaling your business" - having to manually update thousands of activities across different records is not feasible in a scaled business. As a result of our business having scaled, our needs have changed, meaning logged activities are exactly the kind of thing we need to adjust in response.


This bug ruined our reporting. 

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This is SUPER frustrating. What is the point of the engagement ID if we can not use it to update the Activity. We changed the name of a meeting type and want to update all of the historical to this new name and we can only do this manually??? Seems like a very simple fix. PLEASE!


Since not so long ago, we can massively modify Calls outcome via the "Calls view". Just like the Contacts, Companys, Deals, and Tickets view.
Having a "Meetings view" would, I hope, be the next logical step in helping us be able to easily modify Meetings outcome massively?


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+1, and ideally meeting/call type would be updatable in bulk, via workflow for example. 


Definitely need the ability to bulk edit meeting info.


Commenting for amplification... need to make changes to existing Call/Meeting types and hoping to not have to do so manually 😞


This should really be possible.

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Repeating much of what is above; this bulk edit / abailiuty for a sales users to filter contacts and see meeting outcomes not set and then quickly change is needed. 


Also want to upvote this and mention it's a huge pain, both updating existing meeting types and having it update retroactively and also the ability to bulk edit call and meeting types.


This would be a great feature as the classification for call types can change depending on the business needs and requirements. 


I need to be able to edit call/meeting types like I can other properties. Specifically, I need to merge and update past options in bulk. I'd also like a way to maintain the data for historical purposes, but indicate that the option is archived. If I delete the option, it stays on the activity record, but it can't be reported on. 


I was able to update call types in the call object, but I can't update meeting types. 


Five years later and this is only on "idea submitted"? Why on earth doesn't call and meeting types use the API name to fetch the label like all other properties? Fix this already.