Caller ID feature for iOS Mobile App

Android mobile phone users can connect their Hubspot contacts, so when a prospect/contact calls they can see who is calling. 


This isn't the case for iPhone users. Can this feature be available on iOS?


To follow "Guidelines for posting," I'm sure the Who will use this, What value and examples have been mapped out for this feature for Android. So would suggest to apply that to the rest of the your mobile application users who are on iPhones.

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Need caller ID to work on Android (Samsung Galaxy 7).   The names  (stored in HS) do not show up on inbound and missed calls - only the phone number.    I don't know whose call I missed.   I have to call them back and ask them to identify themselves.  Not professional.


Also need caller ID to work with text messages.   I don't know who is texting me.   I only get their number but not the name that is stored in HS.   I'm having to text back and ask them to identfy themselves.   Not professional. 

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I am having the same issue and it is very frustrating not being able to tell who is calling me.

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I was going to ask about this too. I just discovered Zoho can do it. If they can, why can't a premium service like Hubspot?

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This is insane that it is just available to Android users. I will take a guess here, but I bet Hubspot's majority of users are Apple customers.

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My group could REALLY benefit from this functionality.


We chose Hubspot as our CRM system simply because their mobile app worked better than others like Microsoft Dynamics, and our reps are constantly on the road making and accepting phone calls. It is hard to require our reps to put in the activity if necessary functionality, like caller ID, is not working properly. 

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Please update the iphone ap.

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Please update this app. I’m with CCG and it would make a difference in our effectiveness in our production.


Shawn Rogers

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The year is 2019 and inbound caller ID and inbound texting ID does not work on the HubSpot app on the iPhone.   The iPhone - the most popular cell phone in the Milky Way !!!!!


I miss a call and I don't know who called me.  I have to call them back and say "I missed a call from the number".


I get a text message and I don't know who called me (I only see the number).   I have to text back and say "who is this".


This is highly unprofessional and makes life very hard for a sales rep in the field !


Additionally,  there is no mapping/GPS feature in the HubSpot app.   **bleep** ???   Why can't I click on the address in HubSpot and it launch Google Maps so that I can get directions?   I can't even copy the address from HubSpot and paste it into Google Maps.   This is very dangerous when I am traveling.   


I've been complaining about these major lacking freatures of the HubSpot app  for 18 months (since we switched from Base to HubSpot.  Base had all of these features)   


Spend some money and get the these basic features on the HubSpot iPhone app.   It's 2019 !!!





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I work with a nationwide sales team with Commercial Funding Inc. and with our sales team in the field and not in the office, this would benefit them greatly. Most are iphone users. Anything to stay ahead of the game and advance communication on the road that ties back to us here in the office is a huge help. 

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We must have the tools to do our job. Please allow our IOS brothers & sisiters to join the Android movement