Call to action (CTA) ability to link to an unpublished page

At the moment CTAs can only link to published pages.


It would be great to be able to link to an unpublished page and the CTA would automatically update once the page is published.


This would allow multiple pages to be set up and all published at once without having to go back into each page and to make the CTAs after publishing the linked pages.


As a temporary solution when I need to do this I create a CTA set to "External website URL" and paste in the URL of what the page will be once it's published. But there are risks with this method.

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This is definitely something that will allow users to get ahead of their work so that they wouldn't have to come back to setting up the link after the page is published. Perhaps there are two ways to approach this feature: 

  1. Add unpublished pages to the drop-down lists when selecting the link for CTA's.
  2. When the external URL is set for a CTA and a page gets published under that particular page, automatically change it back to the published page.