Call report list view with all items about call and recording

(posting on behalf of customer)


We (management) must be able to create a list of calls with all details including call length, outcome and directly listen to the call.


We can't manage the prospecting process without this functionality.

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We would like this ability as well -- to see a full call list that includes all reps' calls, the contact/company, outcome, and link. We used to used Salesloft and they had this functionality. 

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We also need to be able to filter on which calls had been recorded. I Europe, with GDPR we have to delete the records 6 months afther they have been recorded. This is currently impossible to do, and it is a very big problem for us from a Legal point of view

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same thing here. it' difficult to manage and control the prospecting process with such circumstances.

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Another vote here for the reasons described. Currently, my workaround is to have a list populated with calls of a certain type or duration and you don't know if its recorded or not until you get to the contact record.