Call companies not associated to contacts directly

It would be great if we could call a "company" out of the CRM when we don't have an official "contact" there.  

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it would be nice if we could get a calling dialer menu, so if you don't know the contact at the company you can call it anyways.  

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Agree with julian-evolve, mmdeneen, and tabbs! Need to be able to call companies that don't have a contact assigned. Today my hubspot support rep suggested that I create fake contact and then edit it after. ARE YOU KIDDING ME?! 


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Ran into this frustration this week when uploading a list of new prospects for my BDM to qualify.  I HAVE to have this functionality to log his calls without a contact to track his work, otherwise it is a pretty useless CRM for prospecting for our company. 

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YES YES YES. As someone who has to make multiple calls to find out whose the right POC to be able to call a company w/o a person tied to it would be an immense help. We sales folk are call metric's and I hate to have to anwser my boss of why my calls are down...when essentially they're way up. 

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Bwright is correct here. We need the ability to call companies when we dont have a contact

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Yes, I also think this feature would be a HUGE value added workflow. 

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@bwright is spot on. As a manager of direct sales people, I feel this functionality would streamline their daily prospecting efforts tremendously.

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our staff as asked if it is possiable to be able to use the companies part of the app and go to Properties and clikc on the phone number to make the call to the business. 


we do know that there is conacts in the company, but its not normally the manin number like it is in  the company properties. 

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Is there any update on this capability? One of my reps brought it to my attention today since we are new to the CRM, but I never understood why there is no option to dial any number associated to the company itself, instead of just the contacts.

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At my company, we would really appreciate if you could call companies from the company page--pulled from the "phone number" field. Exact same process as on the contact page, but on the company page. In order for us to do this now, we have to manually create a contact with the "phone number" from the company page. That kind of defeats the purpose of a CRM making you more efficient. We wrote an email to our support agent about this but we were directed to post that here. I'm not sure it will but hopefully this gets onto the right folks computer screens! Thank you.