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Call Note

It would be great if a call note made against a contact also showed in the activity feed of the company that the contact is associated with.


Currently, notes are only displayed against the contact.

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HubSpot Product Team

Hi @aidanvaughan! It sounds like your call notes might not be associated to the Company record when they're created. If you associate them they should show on the Company timeline: If you're not seeing this behavior, please reach out to our support team!




Thanks for your reply.


When calling someone through the app it prompts you to leave a note after the call.  It doesn't allow you to view/edit the associations to the note.  As a result, you cannot select the company and notes are only left against the contact.


I understand when creating a note from scratch you can edit the associations, but not when prompted after the call.


If you could please confirm if I'm missing something that would be appreciated.



HubSpot Product Team

Ah it sounds like you're referring specifically to using the mobile app, is that correct? Apologies for any confusion! If that is indeed the case, we're tracking that over in Feel free upvote to be notified about that idea.