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There are a few othe CRM's whose mobile applications will allow you to call through the mobile app and it records the call and gives you the option to log the call outcome and notes after you hang up. This would be a great feature to have available as a field rep I am not always able to call through my browser to save the audio into Hubspot. Also to be able to log incoming calls through the cell phone app based on recognized phone numbers for a given company or contact. 

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My clients are asking for the ability for the HS mobile app to record outbound calls. 


TY for considering this! 


The post call logging feature for Android phones is hands down one of the most well-used features by regular users of HubSpot.


Can that same functionality be made available for iOS?

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Posting on behalf of a customer: 

The customer was looking for a feature on the ios app, where they can log calls to HubSpot after making calls from the phone's default calling app. A similar feature exists for the android app, where a pop-up appears after they finish the call (attached a screenshot from the android app). 



Hi all - Dave here from CallSync 👋
We have actually built a solution to these challenges but for a different CRM and are looking at potentially integrating it with Hubspot.
Our solution:
  • Lets you make calls with one-click from the CRM app
  • Uses the actual cell network (not using VoIP over mobile data which leads to horrible call quality)
  • Calls are automatically logged to the CRM for you with timestamps, recording, etc.
  • We can show whatever number you want for Caller ID so that return calls can be routed however you want
Before building the integration, I wanted to chat directly with a few Hubspot users that would value this solution to make sure we nail it for your specific situation and have some people to collaborate on testing with when we're ready to roll it out.
If you can spare 15 minutes, I'd love to hop on a call to learn more about what you do and how you do it.

Yes, please!!!!
I want my number to showup so they can respond and text back, but also record for improvement and review.


This will be very very helpfull.


Would be very hand feature for in-app calling and logging even if recording isn't possible. Save sales reps taking their computer and a mobile around to log the calls that they use the computer to then send the call to their mobiles anyway.