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There are a few othe CRM's whose mobile applications will allow you to call through the mobile app and it records the call and gives you the option to log the call outcome and notes after you hang up. This would be a great feature to have available as a field rep I am not always able to call through my browser to save the audio into Hubspot. Also to be able to log incoming calls through the cell phone app based on recognized phone numbers for a given company or contact. 

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Is calling and call-logging now integrated into the desktop and/or mobile app? -

if so, there should be an automatic property for # of times called

if not, is this being worked? what's the turnaround ETA?


When making calls using the iPhone Mobile App, there are no options to choose "Call Outcome". It only offers "Done" and "Save". When the notes for a call are saved, they show up in the browser as "Call Outcome: None".


Judging from other posts in this forum, this functionality has been requested many times over at last the last year. 


When adding notes after making a call, the same options in the browser need to be available in the app: No Answer, Busy, Wrong Number, Left Live Message, Left Voicemail, Connected.

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I agree.  The "Call Outcome" needs to be added to the mobile UI right away.  Otherwise, we can't properly log our calls from the mobile app.

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Is there any update on being able to log calls from the mobile app? That is very imporant for my continued use of HubSpot. 


Please let me know when you have a chance, thanks. 

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Being able to log a call outcome from the mobile app is extremely important to us continuing to use HubSpot. Why wouldn't you keep the functionality inline with the browser? Please update ASAP.

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Not being able to log call outcome on a phone application might be one of the worst design/function misses out of Hubspot yet. It's hard to believe this wasn't developed in a bubble by people not actually calling or anyone actually looking at the value of calls. Not to put too fine of a point on it, but what's the point of a mobile app if it cannot do the same things the desktop/web app can? 


This feature is a deal breaker for my sales team. 


We're in the same boat with the mobile calling feature.  We are able to call from the app, however, when we call it logs the phone call under the contact and not the particular deal we are working with the customer on and specifically calling about.  Also, for some reason right now when we log a call it doesn't tell us who made that call.

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This is very important for our business to be able to record calls placed from mobile

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You can overcome this by logging into Hubspot on your phone's web browser, but the interface is clunky.  I'd love to have it available through the app as well.

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I would love to have the mobile app record calls instead of logging them.