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Calendar disconnected notification to super admin

There has been a number of updates to help Hubspot users know when calendars or email inboxes have been disconnected. All are helpful improvements yet one critical piece seems to be missing.

Request that would help solve the problem.

Notify the Super Admins on an account when any user's calendar OR email is disconnected.


There are other Super Admin notifications (like when social accounts are disconnected).

The user is notified when their email is disconnected (though if they miss that notice, it could be a while before anyone notices) AND there is no mention of the calendar on this notification making that 2nd action easy to overlook by a user. 


Other recent tickets around this work
This one is about a sales rep being notified, that is all fine and should happen BUT Super Admins should also be looped in to ensure the action is handled in a timely manner - it's a backup for support.
This 'Delivered' idea has a number of improvements that are helpful but still fall short of being manageable in day-to-day. For an Admin to have to refer back to these daily to ensure all is operational is silly. Helpful to have the ability to see, but without a notification doesn't feel feasible to manage.

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Hey hubspot teams. 


We really need notificaitons when sales reps calendars get disconnected. 


They would like to be notified if this happens since we depend heavily on the meetings from google calendar showing in CRM. 


Sometimes other integrations disconnect their calendar. 


Would also be helpful to get a notification when their email is disconnected. 




Would be neat if we could have that ability to toggle that on in our settings. . 


I added an idea similar to this one today. It's mainly different in that I'm encouraging a notification be sent out to Super Admins for disconnected calendars and emails. The notification going to the actual user is also important.

There is an email that is sent to the user when that user's email is disconnected BUT when this happens, that notification is not clearly stating to address the calendar as well. This is critical as the reconnection when a calendar is also involved is a 2 step thing (which the current notification for email doesn't clarify)

here is the email disconnected notification a team member received today but didn't realize she also had to do the 2nd part for her meeting calendar to sync 



The idea I added for the Super Admin to receive notification is here if you also can upvote this I'd appreciate it.

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Agreed! This has caused some headache for our BDRs when folks try to schedule with them, and their calendar is disconnected. This typically happens after a password reset in their email. 


Big upvote from my side!


We need this urgently too, our lead conversion process fails if the disconnect happens and we are now implementing weekly checks to monitor. 


Definitely need this!! We just realized that one of our seller's calendar was disconnected for almost a whole month, so we missed out on a lot of trackable data. Logging the meetings on their own aren't the same since we can't input a meeting name and takes a lot more manual work.