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We think having a Calendar on the CRM side of HubSpot, that also integrates to your Google calendar, would be very beneficial to surface businesses to travel to multiple appointements per day. The calendar framework lives in the Productivity tab on the Marketing side already. If  it were also on the CRM side, we could scheudle appointments for Sales and see the full calendar. This would hopefully also allow for the the addres fields to be pulled into the calendar as well.

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Absolutly agree! It's totally neccessary. Right now you can have a heap of meetings setup, and if you don't use G-suite then you really have no repoting on what meetings/appointments are coming up. Also be ideal if you integrated Google Maps geolocation for the address of the contact/company involved, so you can plan sales trips based on best route and clients in same area.

HubSpot Product Team
HubSpot Product Team
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@jso94 check out our GCal integration and our Meetings tool!

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Thanks but if you don't use google calendar this doesn't work. The calendar in the Marketing tool that you can use for content would be very useful on the Sales tool for deals/meetings.