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Calculating ROI, CPL, cost per MQL's etc



I am a true Hubspot fan but find it ludicrous that it does not take marketing and sales to the final mile - to be able to report and monitor on key marketing metrics. For example...How to measure the different KPI's I have in my funnel ie:


  • CPL - Cost per lead
  • CPMQL - Cost per MQL
  • CPSQL - Cost per SQL
  • CPDEMO - Cost per Demo
  • CAC - Cost per Customer


This needs to be a feature. We need to be able to see this:

  • Over time in absolute numbers
  • As % increases or decreases over time
  • etc, etc.

Without it we can not make the major marketing decisions. As marketers we need to compare all channels and their true performane over time in order to know how to optimize and allocate marketing budgets. It needs to allow us to upload marketing costs and then create these reports. 

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I completely agree. This is marketing & sales automation software 101. Salesforce as well as practically every other competing solution in the industry has this. It is challenging enough to calculate ROI across marketing activities, but to have to do this manually outside of HubSpot is not scalable (or reasonable) if software exists to streamline and automate the process.


Totally agree. I googled, expecting to find a way to do this in Hubspot. It's disppointing that they are able to make it easy to sync data from all of these different sources but yet don't perform the basic marketing calculations that make it possible to make decisions. There are still a few things like this that are annoying enough to make me consider switching our company to Salesforce every 1-2 months (lack of lead response time being the other). It's especially frustrating when Hubspot's content team will write about the importance of tracking some of these things to drive leads to Hubspot, when it's virtually impossible to do it in their software.


100% agree. I am suprised HubSpot doesn't have this set up. Cost per MQL/SQL is pretty critical, otherwise how can we measure marketing spend? It will be amazing if HubSpot will at the very least enable us to pull existing ad cost per opportunity into dashboards. And maybe even allow us to assign manual (or dynamic/automated) values that allow us to extract cost per MQL/SQL easily. 

Here's a suggestion on how to implement better marketing reporting: 
Give us the tools to see the important metrics: cost per MQL, cost per SQL, cost per opp, etc. within our list performances. Then anyone can build dynamic list views based on each lead source they have and simply pull a list performance report and see these details, it would be so powerful. The metrics would be displayed in their own summary box and we'd ideally be able to save the report to our dashboards, allowing for monthly dashboard reporting on lead source MQL costs.


Hello! I'm looking to solve a very similar problem and especially on how to have in one single place the financial metrics around our lead generation efforts. Cost per lead, Sales acquisition cost, ROI. Ideally, all combined with the possibility to track the different sources of leads and the touches from our Sales department.

I know that is possible to pull in Hubspot data on the revenue generated by contact/deals.

Anyone who has any advice on how to use this to build insightful reports on financial metrics for lead generation?



Same issue here! 🤔

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Hi @dmastin 


Any update on this, or even maybe a hint of what's comming? 🙂



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Hello, Any update as to why this was moved away from planning?


Other posts have also been seeking something similar:


I believe this would be a valuable tool and quite a few folks would like more options on how to implement some facet of a customer acquisition cost or Cost per lead metric (or both). 


Why was this moved from "In planning" to "Not currently planned"? I can't emphasize enough how necessary this is! Please please please, prioritize it! 


Absolutely, if HubSpot are true to their word, about driving ROI and results for marketing teams, then marketing and busiinesses need this critical information to justify ongoing investment and optimising marketing spend/efforts.  


Agreed!!! We need this report, it stands at the core of all growth efforts. How can we test things without having a summary of costs?


Hey HubSpot, product managers, community moderators, any update here? 

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I'd say that 8 of 10 of our HubSpot clients need a Cost per Lead Report. To me it's really surprising that there's no (default) report for that.


I am in reality thinking about growing a playbook that submits the four homes at the deal page, then the AE's have a pleasing person interface to position within the information.


Hey HubSpot people,

Any explanation on why this was moved to 'Not Planned'. This is basic info that can be got using third party tools but would have thought such a report was foundational.

Can we get this upvoted and back into planning (and obviously then get it done 😄 ).

Go further with it too. Be able to track the most profitable deals right from the initial enquiry.


Hi HubSpot Community,


I agree with everything said. It is not just needed, it is critical & necessary!

This is why I also don't understand why the Staus moved to "Not Currently Planned".

These metrics are essential and needed for monthly reporting and other important Stakeholder reportings.

@dmastin Could you maybe give an explanation or update?  Thank you 🙂


This is why many customers are using Salesforce, because you can create custom reports that HS cannot.

That’s a great point. I am hoping that we can be able to build custom reports within HubSpot as measurement becomes increasingly important to our org.

Has anyone found a workaround(s) until this is added to HubSpot?