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Calculated properties for Products

Now that we can create custom properties for Products, can we enable calculated properties for Products? Without this basic feature, our products have quantitative properties that we have to manually calculate before adding to HubSpot. This creates room for error. 

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Hello Hubspot.

What's causing the delay ? This idea should be a prio!


Yes agreed with @Mike_  it is so strange products/line items aren't treated like any other objects.


Even workflows have since become an object and given properties in the settings, including calculated properties, all in the time since we have even received an update on this from Hubspot. 


I don't think there is any need to explain the importance of this in a CRM, that has been iterated on many times here. We would just like to have an update on this at the very least. I don't even need quarterly updates as @ethankopit said, just some type of recent acknowledgement would be nice.


We need this as well. We are a bank and we generate revenues from deposits and payments, so we need calculated properties.


Really need this as well! Is there any update on this feature?


This idea has constant comments. Still no update. Still desparately needed.


Hey everyone,

I actually opened up a support ticket to try to find out what is going on with this feature and why it's been in planning for two years and still we haven't received it in beta yet. I didn't recieve any update but was told I could email to further the need for the feature. I figured I mention it here because I know a lot of you are in the same boat and want an update on when we will finally get this capability.

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Agree wholeheartedly that calculated properties and/or score properties are needed for more customisation of Products/Line Items. I have a client with a use case where we'd like to update the "Term" in months automatically, based on two custom date picker properties. So it's a simple formula/calculation which would remove the possibility of user error. 


Happy to discuss the use case with a Product Manager, since I imagine this is a common requirement. Many thanks in advance!


To expand on this Hubspot Line Items include "Unit Price" and "Unit Cost" out of the box.  This allows Hubspot to show margin for each Line Item.


HubSpot Deals have standard fields called "Annual contract value" and "Total contract value".  These fields are excellent for reporting the total of all line items in a Deal both annually and for the the full contract term.


However, there are not standard fields for "Annual contract cost", "Total contract cost", "Annual contract margin", or "Total contract margin".  


If an item costs $5 to purchase, and is sold for $7, currently we can only report on the $7, not the $5 cost nor the $2 margin.


Please add this capability!


I've spoken to the support over the last few days and still have no reply on how to perosonalize quote templates without coding the html. I need a user friendly way to add those new properties to the line items.

I've been told to find external programmer help to code a child template but I don't have one! I tried to see the . I hope this feature comes soon! I tried to find a service partner in the hubspot Solutions directory but they all start from 5000$! 


Yes, second that. Calculated properties could definitely help.