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Calculated properties for Products

Now that we can create custom properties for Products, can we enable calculated properties for Products? Without this basic feature, our products have quantitative properties that we have to manually calculate before adding to HubSpot. This creates room for error. 

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Has there been an update on this roadmap? This is such a need for our company! 


We are absolutly new to Hubspot and were totally excited abou tthe product. With all the capablities, we frankly just figured this was an easy do. We sell software with Annual Maintenance and Support - the M&S is calculated as a percentage of all software line items. Then we can add things like professional services and hardware and also travel and expenses if necessary. 


So I have to be able to add up all software line items, calculate M&S and then add Hardware and Profeasional Services etc. then total the quote. add tax and other fees if necessary.   We have to have this feature if we are to use this platform. when will someone reply to these post please?




While sending a quote or proposal to the prospect customer, we should have an option to highlight the MRP i.e. Unit Price value of all the line items proposed to the client and highlight the net value so the customer can understand the benefit S/he getting.




This is becoming a breaking point for my company. They have been using a mark up strategy for 20 years and refuse to make a change in their procedures. I have tried every work around to try to make them statisfied with the way that products and line items are limited but because I can not create a calcuation field, I have no way of making a printable copy with all the information on it. Additional line items are not accesable by personalize tokens and I can't access them by workflows; because of this, I can't create any work around that doesn't add more work to the sales guys, this is causing my company to want to move away from hubspot all togeather. 


Is there an update on this requested feature's product roadmap? This seems like a huge miss when it comes to the functionality of using HS quotes as it creates a ton of manual work and creates more inefficiencies for our sales teams.


For example, some of our products require different taxes, so without this option to create a calculated property, it creates a lot of manual work for our sales team to manually calculate taxes per line item.


We source goods from one country and sell in another. We get quotes from our source country in € and need to convert to $ based on current exchange rate and then add margin (%, on a sliding scale) to give us an RRP. If we can't do that in Products hubspot can't be our single point solution and as users have been requesting this for over 3 years with no progress.... it's difficult to feel confident about the Hubspot responsiveness to user requirements.


A must-have for us as well.


We need to have the ability to convert a property value from a line item to the company's original currency (USD).


For example: we have a collum for setup cost for each product in its original currency, and we'd like to have the setup cost value converted to USD based on a Currency exchange property.


Any updates soon?


I see a quite bad customer service here. We only get automatic messages that it is not on the map last year and now there havent been any replies for 2023? Maybe we should consider changing platforms...


Yes please! We really need this 🙏


@ethankopit "In planning" since jan-22? And no update since aug-22?

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This idea is a needed one for sure.  In the meantime you can do it with a workflow using a custom code action.  Here is an example getting all the line items in a deal and then performing a calculation on each one and finally storing the result back in the line item - hope this helps you:


const hubspot = require('@hubspot/api-client');
exports.main = async (event, callback) => {
    Use inputs to get data from any action in your workflow and use it in your code instead of having to use the HubSpot API.
  let response = '';
  let errmsg = '';
  let associations = '';
  let lineitem = '';
  let my_calculated_field = 0;
  let success = false;
  const hubspotClient = new hubspot.Client({ accessToken: process.env.HS_TOKEN });
  try {
    response = await, 'line_item');
    if (response) {
      associations = response.results;
      for (let i=0; i<associations.length; i++) {
        let properties = ["hs_cost_of_goods_sold, quantity"];
        lineitem = await hubspotClient.crm.lineItems.basicApi.getById(associations[i].toObjectId, properties);
        // do your calculation here
        my_calculated_field = *;
        properties = {
          "my_calculated_field" : my_calculated_field ,
        const prop_bag = { properties };
        const lineItemId =;
        const idProperty = undefined;
        await hubspotClient.crm.lineItems.basicApi.update(lineItemId, prop_bag, idProperty);
        success = true;
  } catch (e) {
      errmsg += "AN ERROR OCCURRED! " + e.message;
    Use the callback function to output data that can be used in later actions in your workflow.
    outputFields: {
      associations: JSON.stringify(associations, null, 2),
      errmsg: errmsg,
      lineitem: JSON.stringify(lineitem, null, 2),
      my_calculated_field : my_calculated_field ,
      success: success
WOW this is fantastic!!!!
i will for sure give this a try...
thank you!!!!

A definite necessity.

Absolutely required - This should be an Out-Of-The-Box feature. 
I don't understand why the Product library isn't treated as a normal Object with options for custom formulas.
Edit 06-03-2024:
There are so many issues that I've encountered working with Hubsput line items.
First of all. Reporting on Line Items is VERY BADLY designed for. This goes into the whole bag of reporting limitations Hubspot has. 
Hubspot has a (misplaced) preference to direct users to a list report for tabular reports, BUT:
List report for Line items doesn't exist.
Can't have more than 20 properties in a Hubspot report. 
Can't create a calculated column in a Hubspot report.
Can't reference the same report in a dashboard more than once, and reports in a dashboard are free floating not locked, making for a bad user experience when you're trying to use a slide bar.
Secondly there is a inflexible net price calculation and limitations on the 'Price Sequence':
Thirdly, there are Hubspot defined limitations to how List Price, Term and Billing is handled:
Fourth and lastly, there's next to now way to create validations rules on line items, so I can't make any guard rails on data entry or incompatible product/price mixes

We need this too, can we please get an update


have we got an update on this? Such an important feature for using quotes and calculating correctly.


We sell in tons and need to calculate the tons rate from the each quantity and need to create a calculation for this with other product fields so it works on our quotes 


Almost 4 years since people started asking for this feature. Hubspot haven't provided any update so here's my update. As explained, this lack of functionality and lack of customer support has led our department to abandon our trial of Hubspot as our CRM solution.
Adios, and good luck to everyone still hanging out for this 🙂


@ethankopit is there any update on this for Q1 2024?

We would also like to see the ability to make certain fields required when creating products/line-items. Including custom line items



We are wanting to use HubSpot's quoting functionality but the inability to create simple formula fields in the product is a very real limitation, esp. as the options are limited. For example, I want to see the per unit list price less the per unit discount to get to the extender per unit price. Any update on the ETA for this functionality would be helpful. Also, there are mentions of being able to do this with OpsHub; is there any truth to this? Thank you.



Hi, is this been looked? We need calculated properties to convert TCV , Margin, etc into different Prices besides company currency and deal currency, is this posibble?