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Now that we can create custom properties for Products, can we enable calculated properties for Products? Without this basic feature, our products have quantitative properties that we have to manually calculate before adding to HubSpot. This creates room for error. 

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Yes, second the need of calculated products properties. 

Looking to autofill the quantity section of the quotes from a property in deals. In specific, our product is priced by Sq Ft which essentially functions as the quantity (cost / Sq Ft).

I've looked around for this feature and I'm afraid that it's not possible as that is a product limitation at this time. Unfortunately, there isn't a workaround to accomplish this, and I don't see anything on the roadmap or any current Beta releases to achieve this.

We need this as well. We sell several software products which are priced based on the number of "measurement points", and possibly additional calculations. If not do-able on products, the calculation could alternately be done at the quote stage.


We need calculated fields in the quotations products, also the %markup and $markup shold be show in quotations lines in order to the salesman can be able to see this information when the quotation is created. When this feature can be done? 




agreed! for us it's crucial in terms of having an automated workflow, which is the whole point of this of course. as a few people have alluded to, not having this induces room for error and also the need for manual processes. from our side we would need:

  • a 'Unit Net' price - simply displaying what the net unit price is, automatically calculating when a discount is applied
  • value or % markup on entered cost, as has been raised above

Pricing is a complicated subject and without this feature, we are about to discount HS as a CRM platform suitable for our needs.

We have 1000's of SKUs on our system

We buy products in multiple currencies eg GBP, USD, EURO and more

We sell product in multiple currencies (as above)

We have a "company currency" GBP.

Every month new rates are issued by HMRC which we need to follow within the business.

We need to be able to add products in their own base currency and allow the system to then change the represented cost via the relevant currency rate at the time.

Changing prices on this qty of SKU's on a manual basis every month would be nearly impossible and would create huge margins for error with systems and people.


Please fix and we might continue; without this, we simply can't proceed.




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Hi, I have products where the unit price changes depending on the value and tier level. For example, product A, tier 1, volume 100-200 unit price is $29, so If I sell 100, the total price should be $2900, and if I sell 200, it should calculate $5800 instead. Unfortunately, there are minimal product functions and is not possible to create calculation properties on product properties. Does anyone has found an alternative solution for this? Thanks a million!


I need it too.

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This would be invaluable. It's slightly infuriating that you can see the Unit Price, apply a Discount then see the perfect Net Price so long as your Quantity is only 1. As soon as you have multiple Quantities you lose visibility on the newly discounted Net Price.


Current Net Price calculation = Unit Price - Discount x Quantity

Ideal Net Price = Unit Price - Discount


The Total should handle the quantity multiplication, not the Net Price.


We also need Net Price to be an available field in the custom Quote Template - or we need calculating fields in line items.


We need "Net Price Per Unit" to be automatically populated. 
Currently only supports direct edits from the line item editor. 



In my case to calculate the MRR we need to consider the price for a product based in an specific term (months) in which the contract is valid. The perfect solution in this case  would be having another column with the end date.


Agreed and here is what I would be looking for:




For example if you purchase quanity 50 and the unit price is $1000 and unit discount is 20% then the Net Price = $40,000 which means the Net Unit Price is $800.  (tax is after the fact).


The reason to get the Net Unit Price is determine what the actual avg sale price of a unit is.

Status updated to: In Planning
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Hey folks - my name is Ethan and I'm the product manager for the Products and Line Items team. I just wanted to let you know that this feature is not on our roadmap for this quarter, but it is something we'd like to build. While it's not something we're working on this quarter, it's quite possible we will work on this this year. We're working on several other features (e.g. allowing you to add Line Items to Deals via Workflows, expanding the number of supported decimals in Product/Line Item properties) this quarter and we needed to make some hard decisions about what to prioritize.


As a sidenote, I'll be updating the top Ideas associated with Products and Line Items ~once per quarter going forward. I will include (1) whether or not a feature is on the roadmap for that quarter or not and (2) what our rollout plan for that feature is (e.g. will there be a beta or not). If you have feedback about additional information I could include in these updates, drop a note here. If I see a theme, I'll adjust my updates to address that.


I won't be doing this for every idea, but most ideas above 25 kudos will get this treatment. 

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Great to know this is in planning. Would be a great addition as multiple use cases to use calculated properties with line items. 

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We need this exact same thing for the same use case.  Need to be able to show Square Feet of material on a quote and would like to calculate that automatically.


We are looking to be able to have a field that provides FTE by line item based on a calculation of #hrs for each line item and duration of the deal