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We would like to be able to calculate a new DATE variable. We NEED to add a certain number of days to the existing DATE variable to calculate the new DATE variable; however, since DATE in HubSpot is not a numeric value, we are NOT able to calculate the NEW, Expiration DATE. Would be great if we have excel's capability to work w/ DATE values in HubSpot. Thank you!

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I strongly second this suggestion.


While "calculated" deal properties now exist, they do not let you operate on properties of type date or datetime. That is a pity.


I understand that the calculated property type "custom equation" would have to have its interface customized a bit to work well with date properties, the types "Max", "Min", for example, would literally require zero UI changes whatsoever. Extrema of a set of dates/datetimes always exist, are always unique, and internally these are integers anyway so there is really not much to change here.


Example use case: a customer wants to create a custom deal property with the timestamp of the most recent meeting any associated contact has booked.


There is a contact property "last meeting booked" that contains this information, but copying it over via workflow not currently possible and unwieldy even if it were. But a calculated deal property of type "Max" of associated contacts' "last meeting booked" property would be an elegant and beautiful solution.

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I agree. This would be a very powerful addition to calculated properties.  For example, we would like to perform a calculation to determine the rate at which Hubspot Scores change in response to certain marketing actitivities. To do this we need to perform some simple calculations on a date field.

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I would also like to see this functionality for ticket properties. The "Time to close" property does not accurately reflect how much working time someone actually spent resolving the ticket. I have created a custom date property to be marked when the ticket is moved from the initial stage into an in-progress stage and would like the ability to calculate the time worked based on this custom field similar to how the Time to close property currently function.

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Strongly agree! 


In my case, I have to know the average time between SPIN and Meeting and I don't know how to figure out that situation.


The only option would be subtract on timestamp from the other.


Anyone know's another way?



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Following up on this to add a link to an idea post related to current deficiencies in the time to first agent reply default ticket property:


If date fields were available as variables in custom calculation properties as requested here, this could potentially enable a work around to the lack of Hubspot providing a default time to first agent reply via phone call property.

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Date fields should absolutely be availible in custom calculation fields, please!

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Agreed. This would be super helpful!