Calculated Fields Rounding (Allow calculated properties to display a whole number)

The current behavior for calculated properties is to round to two (or more) decimal places. It would be helpful to instead allow results to be rounded to the nearest whole number (an integer) – instead of two decimal places. Even better would be to either round or adjust decimal places up or down like in Excel.


This would allow more flexibility when presenting data as a Report in a Dashboard. Usually in a chart or other visualization showing accuracy down to .01 is unnecessary.


Stated differently, please add the ability to adjust calculated properties to either display a whole number or precisely specify the number of decimal places.

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Much needed!

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Was also looking for this.

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Very much needed. At present I have a calculated property sitting at 5 decimal places. I'd be happy with even two at this point. 


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please, please, please! add this in as a capability! 🙂 

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does anyone have a work around for this, or suggestion for what to do instead?


we have caluclation properties that are currency fields, and some of the values are appearing as $208,916.668


that looks pretty funny as a $$ amount. 


please let me know if you've figured out a hacky way to fix this!

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Not having the ability to control the # of decimals makes the reporting or viewing the calculated property in the contact, company, or deal views look very funny. 


Please add this feature!

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Yes please add this feature...

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Agreed that this is very important - both the number of decimal points and the number format of the decimal points are important as we work in a multi-language, multi-country portal where some countries view 1.2 as different numbers.

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Is there a status on this update? It's impossible to compare dollar figures when one is an input and another is a calculation that is 5 decimals long and not-rounded. 

Please add this feature! Salesforce has multiple options in this area. 

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It would also be important to solve the problems with the decimals in the reports. When averages are calculated, the result is displayed with many decimal places.

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yes much useful for effective reports

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I'm thinking I'll have the calculated property, then have a workflow assign that calculated value to another property each time there's a re-calculation. When decimals appear, we can manually round the non-calculated property up or down. Should work when only a few deals have a qty.5.


Zapier should be able to do it automatically, though.

Status updated to: Being Reviewed
HubSpot Product Team

Hi all, I'm Jeff from the HubSpot product team.


Thanks for this feedback. Improving calculation property functionality is under consideration for upcoming roadmap. No definite timetable or changes yet, but please keep the upvotes and use cases coming. It helps with designing a solution and prioritizing.




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Much needed - the ticket ID's are way to long to use a a reference and there is no way to create a Unique ID for the team to use for reference to the service tickets making it challenging to create greater than 5 or so tickets to an associated Object


The calculation field divideds the ticket ID by 100,000 making a 4 digit number if the abiltiy to round existed - I would also want to be able to set the format to not include the comma - similiar to how ticket tracking in Jira is done

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Much needed but not just for calculated properties. Please implement this in the Reporting too (specifically Advanced Reporting). See below, it is silly to have 7 or 9 decimals in reports.


Screenshot 2021-01-08 at 13.03.13.png

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much needed!