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Calculate days between dates for reports

It would be good to be able to calculate days between two dates, for example "Days between a lead became MQL until it became a Client", and so with all date fields.

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November 30, 2020 10:57 AM

Hi all! Jeff from the HubSpot CRM product team here.


We've released a "time between" calculated property type, which makes it possible to calculate the duration between two existing properties. It's now live for all hubs with access to calculated properties, so I'm marketing this as "delivered".


Reading through the comments, there is a lot of interest in being able to calculate the time between the date stored in a property and today's date and time (for tracking time in current stage, or time as a customer, etc.) If you are interested in that functionality, please upvote this community post, and leave a comment with your use case as well.


Thank you, we appreciate your feedback!


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April 13, 2020 01:36 PM

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We would like to create a custom calculated property based on two date fields -- right now, that's not possible in HubSpot.


We calculate Days to Close from First Demo Date --> Became a Customer Date, not the way HubSpot defines it. And we don't have an easy way to figure out OUR average days to close.

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Preferably with an option of linking to a calendar that enables "days to exclude" from the count, like weekends and public holidays.  Then it would be useful in automated tasks like "send follow-up email in 3 working days" - rather than have the follow-up email sent on a public holiday.


I am also interested in creating a custom property that calculates a date from an existing data field.    

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Upvote - It's very difficult to see time in stages if you don't go through all the stages. 


I agree.I have been tring to do something similar.

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Sorely needed functionality.  I have several client use cases where this would be a tremendous help.


Agreed, this would be a very useful feature to many purposes. Eg. calculating how much time do leads need to move to a different lifecycle, or how long does it take for them to reach a certain milestone, such as receiving a discovery call or demo

Right now if I want to get this information, my only option is to export leads into excel, and calculate it there, but it is far from ideal


I also need this feature to calculate funnel velocity so we can run A/B test and understand how email nurture impact funnel velocity.


I am also interested in creating a custom property that calculates a date from an existing data field.    


I just started using hubspot a week ago as it was what our sales team uses and noticed this pretty quickly. 


Another thing that really bugs me is that there are not date/time fields that we can create. Yet they do exists as close date and creat date are such fields. This also means you can't copy inputs in those properties to another date property because they are not the same time. 




There are a couple of ways this could be done.


The manual way:

Export the VID and date columns, open the resulting file in a Google Sheet (or simialar) and use the minus function (  =MINUS(value 1, value 2) ) to calculate the difference before re-importing the data into HubSpot.


The Automatic way:

Install an integration to perform the calculation automatically, and as associated data is changed or created:


Disclaimer: I am the author of the above integration, and it is paid (though I've done my absolute best to keep it affordable). But it was very much built to solve this exact problem and help us internally avoid having to do repeated, manual exports and imports across a number of our accounts.


We're really lagging the oppertunity to create a custom property that can calculate the time between to dates. 


In this case, we were looking til calculate the time between date 1 and 2. (This is a company property)  


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Just had some really serious back and forth with the Hubspot team (Judith has been very helpful) on how to compute the number of days between the creation of a deal to the date it was closed.

The conclusion was to export the data and perform the computation in Excel because:
(a) the property type "Calculation" does not allow computation of dates and
(b) the existing "Days to Close" property computes the number of days from a contact creation date, rather thatn the deal creation date.

A very quick suggestion. Is it possible for Hubspot to create a "Dates Calculation" property type (in contrast to the existing numbers-only Calculation) that would allow us to get the number of days, or weeks, or months between dates, with option to exclude weekends?

Once that is available, then we can just create workflows on our own to populate that property. Do that and you will hear a very long applause from everyone.

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Happy (belated) birthday to this idea! We would very much like to see this functionality. It is irksome that Hubspot is doing this basic calculation function in some of their stock properties but not expanding the ability to custom properties

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Yes this would be great for us too. We have a custom date field on a deal. The deal is created and and we'd like to calculate how many days until the date field si readched. This will allow us to send emails of the number of days is >10 for example.


This would be very useful to us, just adding comment for increased attention


I am trying to calculate the # days between two date fields at the moment - very frustrating is doesn't have basic functionality like this. Does anyone know when it will be available?


Upvote. I am currently importing new contacts via an API integration with our POS system, but the create date of that contact in hubspot is not the actual date our relationship was created with that customer,  nor is the close date the date we closed the sale.


Upvote for this, seems like a simple functionality for a CRM system that's touted to support the 'inbound flywheel' to be missing... How am I supposed to delight our customers and keep the wheel turning if I can't automate around key dates for the account?


Upvote again.  We need to calculate age based on date of birth.