Calculate days between dates for reports

It would be good to be able to calculate days between two dates, for example "Days between a lead became MQL until it became a Client", and so with all date fields.

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We would like to create a custom calculated property based on two date fields -- right now, that's not possible in HubSpot.


We calculate Days to Close from First Demo Date --> Became a Customer Date, not the way HubSpot defines it. And we don't have an easy way to figure out OUR average days to close.

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Preferably with an option of linking to a calendar that enables "days to exclude" from the count, like weekends and public holidays.  Then it would be useful in automated tasks like "send follow-up email in 3 working days" - rather than have the follow-up email sent on a public holiday.

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I am also interested in creating a custom property that calculates a date from an existing data field.    


Upvote - It's very difficult to see time in stages if you don't go through all the stages. 

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I agree.I have been tring to do something similar.

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Sorely needed functionality.  I have several client use cases where this would be a tremendous help.

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Agreed, this would be a very useful feature to many purposes. Eg. calculating how much time do leads need to move to a different lifecycle, or how long does it take for them to reach a certain milestone, such as receiving a discovery call or demo

Right now if I want to get this information, my only option is to export leads into excel, and calculate it there, but it is far from ideal

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I also need this feature to calculate funnel velocity so we can run A/B test and understand how email nurture impact funnel velocity.

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I am also interested in creating a custom property that calculates a date from an existing data field.    

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I just started using hubspot a week ago as it was what our sales team uses and noticed this pretty quickly. 


Another thing that really bugs me is that there are not date/time fields that we can create. Yet they do exists as close date and creat date are such fields. This also means you can't copy inputs in those properties to another date property because they are not the same time.