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Calculate days between dates for reports

It would be good to be able to calculate days between two dates, for example "Days between a lead became MQL until it became a Client", and so with all date fields.

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Upvote. I would like to be able to calculate the number of days between two date properties.

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Hello everyone! I found a solution for this. There is a "Days Between Calculator" integration in HubSpot's app marketplace. It's only $5 a month! This is a great option until HubSpot offers this natively.


Here you go:

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Upvote again - This can't come soon enough. This would eliminate complex workflows to calc days in stage and allow for more analytics with your data in HubSpot. 


Upvote! Looking forward to hearing an updateon this soon.


Upvote - Could you please share the ETA for when the Beta will be available. I am currently doing manual calculations on excel to compute # of days / weeks elapsed between Date 1 and Date 2




This would be super helpful to have.  I want to be able to calculate the average number of days between deal creation and deal close.


Need this!


Hubspot product team - bringing this back to the top to see when can we realistically expect the ability to find # of days between two date fields. I was told it's been picked up by product team. Any indication of ETA will be super helpful 


Would love this feature to calculate the deal expiration date based on the deal start date by adding number of days for the deal.


Upvote! This is an essential thing in our claim calculations and it feels incredibly stupid to use a cheap website to do this manually on each property while being fully professional on HubSpot. It's a base for our calculations. Please asap.

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Happy 1 year, 5 months, 24 day anniversary! Smiley Tongue

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I'm actially seeing the ability to do this with calculated properties (we're on enterprise).


Screen Shot 2020-06-25 at 2.51.50 PM.png



That said, we had a sinimar probelm to solve where I wanted the number of days since a property was updated. Bear with the crazy logic here, but this worked. 


The first step is a new property for "Days since [field name A] was updated". I'm populating this as "0" when [field name A] in "known." Then, I have a workflow that watches to see it's been more than 1 day since "Days since [field name A] was updated" was updated. When this runs it incremends the property value by one. This essentially gives me a numberical field that auto calculates an approximation of the number of days since the target property was changed. 


If you use this process for a couple of different properties, I'm thinking it might be possible to create a calculated property to calculate the difference between teh two numbercial fields, too. 


Screen Shot 2020-06-25 at 2.47.31 PM.png




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Upvoted for sure:


But see my interim solution for this seemingly common challenge


Absolutely a necessary function! The lack of ability to make apply mathematical manipulation to date fields is a major limitation.


For us, the value of Hubspot as a reporting tool would be vastly improved if that change could be implemented. As it is, we export all CRM data for manipulation in a third-party platform instead of using Hubspot's reporting tool because we want to make certain property manipulations which Hubspot doesn't support. Time Between / Time Since is one of the most common.


Upvote.  We need a Calculated Field with "Number Of Days" between a "Custom Property Date of a Deal" and "Today."

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Hello everyone! This is now available. Take a look at this Knowledge Base and scroll down to "Time Between."

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The basic "difference between two dates" function is now available (thanks Hibspot team), but as suggested in other threads there's a wealth of use cases that need some additional help such as:

- setting a future date based on a date calculation (to trigger an automation function for example)

- functions to set a date property to start/end of current year, start/end of current month, etc. or convert months to days etc.