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Calculate average time between stages in a pipeline

When a lead gets in a pipeline, there is no record at all of how much time (days) he spends on each one of the stages - we only have information about which stage the lead is currently at.


It would be nice to have in record the date on which each lead arrived at each a stage of the sales funnel - so we can calculate the average time spent at the stages.


This is important so we understand if the problem is due to a delay of the sales team in contacting the leads or not.

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Upvoted! I agree, would love to be able to create a report that shows on average how long a lead spends in each stage, so we could keep track of how long it's taking for our leads to move through stages and be converted.


This would be super beneficial to our reporting 


Hey @NinaFilardi ,

Have you tried Timerman? It's an app that records how long a ticket / deal spends in each stage of a pipeline. You can also set business hours and holidays as well as which stages to pause the timer (i.e. a Waiting on customer stage). Check it out here.

Here's a blog post that shows off what the app looks like / how it works:

Setting up business hours

Let me know if you have any questions. I'd be happy to hop on a call with you!


-David Staat