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Calculate and Report on the Time between Two Properties

I would like to create a custom report where i can see how much time my contacts spend in each stage of their Contact Lifecycle. I am looking for something much like the "time in deal stage" available for deals.


I know that hubspot has the "became a lead date", "became an opportunity", "became a customer date" properties, but I can't seem to get any good report using these.


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July 17, 2020 10:49 AM

Hey all! It's been awesome to see so much interest in the Time Between properties beta. After consulting with the team, I'm going to move up the public release of this feature to Monday. Hang tight over the weekend and you'll have this feature soon! With that update, I am marking this community post as "delivered".


There were a whole bunch of comments added on to this post that are really about current time in stage, which as I mentioned previously, is a separate challenge altogether and something that will take considerable research to do right.


To make sure your input is heard, please take the conversation about that topic over to this Community post. Give it plenty of upvotes if you care, so we can prioritize it properly. Thanks!

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July 13, 2020 03:29 PM

Hey all! It was really informative (if a little painful at times) to read all the comments on this post.


Excited to share we've released a new kind of calculated property into beta: "Time Between" properties.


Time Between properties take two existing date properties (like "became a lead date" and "became a customer date") and calculates the duration between them. It's just what you need for creating reports like "average time spent in lifecycle stage" or "average time for Enterprise leads from initial conversion to Go Live", etc. The feedback on the beta so far has been terrific, we're on target to release to all Pro and Enterprise customers in the coming weeks. If you want into the beta, just reply to this update and I'll get your hubs added.

Next: There are SO MANY comments on this post about wanting to measure time spent from entering a stage to today. I want to re-iterate that while that seems basic, creating that functionality that also works with the rest of the HubSpot tools (like Workflows and Reportings) is incredibly difficult to do well and at scale. While that functionality is not part of the initial Time Between properties launch, we are working very hard (think multiple conversations with many, many smart HubSpotters weekly) to figure out how we can make it work. I look forward to updating you all on that soon.

Re: Create "Time in Lifecycle stage" report - changed to: Being Reviewed
April 09, 2020 11:15 AM

We are investigating building out a "Time in Lifecycle Stage" report to provide more insights into contact changes. 

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I cannot believe this isn't available with Hubspot! It should be done ASAP.


@brittanyCP1 it's available now 🙂 


Create a new "Calculation" type field, and then change "Count" to "Time Between" from the dropdown on the next panel. Not super intuitive, took me awhile to find it.


Screen Shot 2020-09-02 at 3.22.56 PM.png

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@JoeMayallI went to upvote but that specifically speaks to deals I think?


The majority of this thread wasnts it at the lead levels subscriber to lead lead to MQL MQL to SQL etc. Currently trying suggested screen shot above - what doesn't work is what if that contact never hit subscriber? or jumped lead to MQL from subscriber - it wont calculate with current suggestion.


@JoeMayall if they're skipping steps you may have to set up a workflow that stamps the date of the skipped step? 


I hope the feature to monitor time spend in each stage will available soon as this is very much needed to monitor and track the performace of our ticket team. 

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The feature needs to eliminate the need to "go through each stage sequentially"

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@HubSpotMastertell me about it.. there isnt even a valid workaround that makes sense for this and conversion funnels are basically useless

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need that too


Can I get access to the beta?


Being able to make a report based on "Ticket time spent in each ticket status" (quite like "Deal time spent in each stage") would really be needed.

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@jeffvincent how do we get added to the Beta for Time in stage?


Is there an update on this?


So has anyone been able to simply create a report that shows the time spent between each lifecycle stage??? (just like the deal stage average time spent in each stage)

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@KeithBaker  I have created something in the place of for now yes. 



You need to create a calculation property for each stage transition selecting time between as your property type and the appropriate drop down options



build your report to show these filters





Your dashboard should look like this ( You will need one for each stage change....)  








@Msyvrais Thanks for this. Only problem is that with a limit of 5 user calculated fields available on the professional subscription I cant actually create the report.


Come on HubSpot, how can you expect users to manage the throughput of contact lifecycle stages without creating the above calculated fields (just like you have done for Deals)..... 


This feature will be very useful. Please put it on your agenda. Thanks in advance


We need to be able to export the time between stages! We use the time between stages to compensate our collaborators. We just need the time between stages report, or being able to export to Excel each Deal with a column for the date/time of each stage so we can calculate the time.


So.. it's been 2 years. Doesn't look like this is happening.




How is this not done yet? Have users found a soluton? The workflow thing is not gona work for me. 


Please populate a today's date automatically