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Calculate and Report on the Time between Two Properties

I would like to create a custom report where i can see how much time my contacts spend in each stage of their Contact Lifecycle. I am looking for something much like the "time in deal stage" available for deals.


I know that hubspot has the "became a lead date", "became an opportunity", "became a customer date" properties, but I can't seem to get any good report using these.


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July 17, 2020 10:49 AM

Hey all! It's been awesome to see so much interest in the Time Between properties beta. After consulting with the team, I'm going to move up the public release of this feature to Monday. Hang tight over the weekend and you'll have this feature soon! With that update, I am marking this community post as "delivered".


There were a whole bunch of comments added on to this post that are really about current time in stage, which as I mentioned previously, is a separate challenge altogether and something that will take considerable research to do right.


To make sure your input is heard, please take the conversation about that topic over to this Community post. Give it plenty of upvotes if you care, so we can prioritize it properly. Thanks!

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July 13, 2020 03:29 PM

Hey all! It was really informative (if a little painful at times) to read all the comments on this post.


Excited to share we've released a new kind of calculated property into beta: "Time Between" properties.


Time Between properties take two existing date properties (like "became a lead date" and "became a customer date") and calculates the duration between them. It's just what you need for creating reports like "average time spent in lifecycle stage" or "average time for Enterprise leads from initial conversion to Go Live", etc. The feedback on the beta so far has been terrific, we're on target to release to all Pro and Enterprise customers in the coming weeks. If you want into the beta, just reply to this update and I'll get your hubs added.

Next: There are SO MANY comments on this post about wanting to measure time spent from entering a stage to today. I want to re-iterate that while that seems basic, creating that functionality that also works with the rest of the HubSpot tools (like Workflows and Reportings) is incredibly difficult to do well and at scale. While that functionality is not part of the initial Time Between properties launch, we are working very hard (think multiple conversations with many, many smart HubSpotters weekly) to figure out how we can make it work. I look forward to updating you all on that soon.

Re: Create "Time in Lifecycle stage" report - changed to: Being Reviewed
April 09, 2020 11:15 AM

We are investigating building out a "Time in Lifecycle Stage" report to provide more insights into contact changes. 

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This widget only reports on changes to a deal if it is moved along every stage in the pipeline. We have 7 stages and the last two are closed-won and closed-lost. Sometimes customers buy or reject the sale without going through all the stages and this widget will not report those correctly, just leaving them in deals created.


Please can you make this work in a real world way where if we drag a deal from an early stage straight to "closed-won" it just assumes it has passed through the other stages?


Hello, This is a great question. I also have same problem. I'm waiting for some help, please. Thanks.


Agree with the issue. 

The new report should be hybrid of the funnel report and pipeline report. 


- The problem with the pipeline report is that whenever a deal is moved multiple times into an the same stage it updates twice. So we get incorrect reports.

- And the problem with the funnel report is what is mentioned above. More-over, we cannot even identify the deal which is incorrect and has skipped a stage. 



My team and I would really like to be able to export the dates that certain deals enter and leave specific stages of our deal. Our deal process is a little unique and takes quite a bit of time, and to be able evaluate the length of time specific deals are spending in certain stages would be huge for us. In addition, it would allow us to run reports on the specific deals that entered or left certain stages within a specified time frame. Thanks so much for taking the time to evaluate this. It would be incredibly helpful for us. 


It would be great if you could display the number of days a deal has been in a particular deal stage right on the Deal Board. Perhaps in the lower right corner of the deal block? This would give a nice visual and allow sales professionals to quickly identify deals that appear to be stuck. 


Same issue here.  I have to manually recreate all of these reports, This is really unacceptable.

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Thank you for explaining this so clearly. This is a deal breaker for us as well. 


I think this is a crucial feature that should be added.  Being able to track a deals time spent in a stage would help us set up expectations on how long deals of different sizes or other factors would be great data to have.  Or just being able to see a deal that may have stalled would help us either get more attention to it, or close out. 




I am looking for a way to easily report to my Sales Leadership the dates when our Deals moves into a Deal Stage.  This would be exactly like the Last Modified Date property, but only for Deal Stages. This would save us the time of having to dive into each Deal to see when it moved to a new Deal Stage. 


I'm coming here from this post.


We have no trouble getting clients to Signed Contract, but it seems like it's taking buckets of time to get them Live. So we know that some stage is holding us up, but can't see where to focus our energies unless we know how long a Deal's been in a given stage. The Time In Stage report looked awesome, but since it only calculates when a Deal has left a given stage, it can't help us much: for this question we want to know about the Deals that are stuck, not the Deals that are moving through the stage. 


Sounds like that's harder for Hubspot devs to code, which makes sense. Running tally would be harder than absolute number. But man, it'd be cool to have this ability. 


Also as a second use case -- we want to use the Average Days Between Signed Contract and Live as a company health metric. If we're improving that number, then the system's working great. 


Thanks for all the work you guys are doing! Hope this report requests hits a roadmap soon!


 Agreed, doesn't make any sense at all.


This is a major problem for us too and is a completely ridiculous way to structure this report. 


This question should be in priority - it doesn't make sense to just abandon the info that is there. 


"It would be great if you could display the number of days a deal has been in a particular deal stage right on the Deal Board. Perhaps in the lower right corner of the deal block? This would give a nice visual and allow sales professionals to quickly identify deals that appear to be stuck. "


BINGO!  This would be great.  I have only figured out how to pull the time a deal spent in a stage, after the deal has moved to it's new stage. It would be great if I could see how long a deal has been in its current stage at a glance, exactly as Magandy 2 suggested.


This is a problem for me as well. 


Guys, can you please push prio on this? It is super helpful for running the smooth sales process - to be able to see immediatelly if any deal if "cooling off" in any stage... We should be able to see the CURRENT time in the CURRENT stage to see if Sales needs to adjust their priority and push some deals that are behind


This is a definite problem for us, makes it a completely useless widget


This does not make sense to me the way it functions now. Can we please get this fixed?


I would like to be able to show how a company has been in a certain deal stage? We are trying to figure out how to make sure deals are not getting stuck or delayed in a certain deal stage. It may be as easy as the current date minus date moved to new deal stage to get the number of days in that deal stage. That is the last piece of info for a filter we created that will give us what we need. 

This seems easy to add and would be very beneficial.


This is an amazing feature, that I'd like to have ASAP. Basically, I want to be able to see which Deals are 'stuck' in a stage. For example, if a Deal has been in the Contract Sent Deal Stage for several weeks, there may be a problem with the client refusing to sign. Or if a Deal has been In Discussion for months, we really aren't in discussion, but the sales person is just keen to keep their Pipeline full.


Until this feature is available, I'll have to suck Deal data from Hubspot into a BI-tool, and essentially go with some adaptation of ( SELECT TODAY() - Deal Entered Stage Date() GROUP BY Deal Stage, Hubspot Owner ).