Calculate and Report on the Time between Two Properties

I would like to create a custom report where i can see how much time my contacts spend in each stage of their Contact Lifecycle. I am looking for something much like the "time in deal stage" available for deals.


I know that hubspot has the "became a lead date", "became an opportunity", "became a customer date" properties, but I can't seem to get any good report using these.


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I cannot believe this isn't available with Hubspot! It should be done ASAP.

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@brittanyCP1 it's available now 🙂 


Create a new "Calculation" type field, and then change "Count" to "Time Between" from the dropdown on the next panel. Not super intuitive, took me awhile to find it.


Screen Shot 2020-09-02 at 3.22.56 PM.png


@JoeMayallI went to upvote but that specifically speaks to deals I think?


The majority of this thread wasnts it at the lead levels subscriber to lead lead to MQL MQL to SQL etc. Currently trying suggested screen shot above - what doesn't work is what if that contact never hit subscriber? or jumped lead to MQL from subscriber - it wont calculate with current suggestion.

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@JoeMayall if they're skipping steps you may have to set up a workflow that stamps the date of the skipped step? 

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I hope the feature to monitor time spend in each stage will available soon as this is very much needed to monitor and track the performace of our ticket team. 

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The feature needs to eliminate the need to "go through each stage sequentially"


@HubSpotMastertell me about it.. there isnt even a valid workaround that makes sense for this and conversion funnels are basically useless

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need that too