Calculate and Report on the Time between Two Properties


I would like to create a custom report where i can see how much time my contacts spend in each stage of their Contact Lifecycle. I am looking for something much like the "time in deal stage" available for deals.


I know that hubspot has the "became a lead date", "became an opportunity", "became a customer date" properties, but I can't seem to get any good report using these.


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We need to be able to build a report on times so we can analyze our ticketing process. Please turn your focus to the ticketing environment of your platform, as we have had to comprise and find our own way in how to use HubSpot as our only ticketing platform. 



Awesome initiative! We really need this at our company too.


Please prioritise this.


As it stands, i can't do any reporting relating to how long a ticket takes to go from Stage A to Stage X, average time on a given stage etc. All the metrics i need to effectively manage the process and identify bottlenecks can't be done.  


Seems like a core feature oversight considering the breadth of reporting capabilities found throughout HS. Agree completely that this is needed ASAP!


We came up with an interesting solution to this issue which is working pretty well for us. It doesn't aleviate the obvious issues around overall reporting, but does help us manage our tickets and deadlines very well.


Basically, we worked out the time that a ticket should hae in each stage (column status) - so for example, data import 3 days, new user setup 1 day etc. Then what we did was setup a workflow that triggered each time a new ticket landed in that particular status that simply gave the ticket a numerical value of 3. Then, added to the workflow a 1 day delay and then reduced the 3 day count down by 1 to leave 2 and so on. Then my team can see how many days left a ticket has before it becomes overdue. We then setup extra days to be added to each ticket on a Monday morning to credit back the 2 days they all lost over weekends and also setup so that once they hit zero, they'd be flagged as overdue. 


This is working pretty well for us and has made a huge difference for my team to know what tickets are fast approaching overdue status. I am happy to share more if anyone is interestested.


The number days in current stage is a basic operational view and this type of feature should be available or able to be created by admins.


So strange Pipedrive has been doing it for years and Hubspot can't.  Pipedrive lets you set a 'Rotting date" for each stage and the deal turns read when over the timeframe.  You can also see how long each deal has been in the stage in the deal tile.  Don't you think it is time HubSpot does the same?

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This is a basic feature and extremely valuable for our clients' sales teams.  In fact, this is a requirement of many of our clients.  Other platforms have this, so we need to be able to provide it ASAP.

Please make it happen soon!

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This is needed!


Disappointed to see that this is not a native metric ... I made the assumption it would be since the time stamps for lifecycle stage transitions are already there. Days between lifecycle stages is a really important metric for marketing/business development teams! I'll have to get at this manually for now, but hope to see it soon in the platform. 




Great idea! I would also open this feature for Lead Stage property.  We would love to know the time between our leads go from "New" to "Contacted" or "Discarded" or any other option., after we qualify it and move to opportunity or costumer directly.


Hope to see this option soon in the platform.


I'd love to have this feature as well!


Great idea and hope to see it implemented soon!


When trying to work on pipeline velocity, this is a major step backward from the other CRMs on the market. As a first step, is it possible to export this type of data? The "Deal time in each stage" dashboard report is illustrating some of the value, but we need to be able to go deeper. There appears to be a large demand/desire from your customer base for this.


The irony is that if you go to a deal and look at the activity log, the Create date and date/time stamp for each deal is RIGHT THERE!  That means that the data is also RIGHT THERE and since it is already in a database, it should be easy to get out as your system is ALREADY doing this.  I would think an Activity report that shows Deal Created Date and Deal Created Time and that includes Time and Date when the Deal Stage was changed/modified, would be all that is needed.


Upvote!! This is a must-have!


Definitely needed!


Super critical feature in the sales process. You already have this data then why not using it?


This would be amazing!

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We need to be able to see how much time tickets spend in each stage. This is already there for deals so needs to be there for tickets too!