Calculate and Report on the Time between Two Properties


I would like to create a custom report where i can see how much time my contacts spend in each stage of their Contact Lifecycle. I am looking for something much like the "time in deal stage" available for deals.


I know that hubspot has the "became a lead date", "became an opportunity", "became a customer date" properties, but I can't seem to get any good report using these.


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Totally agree. If you work with the sales funnel and the different stages, it is necessary to report how much time a contact spends in each stage.


This is a great idea. It's definitely a must-have and the data is already in Hubspoit. The issue is also for contacts who come in directly as MQLs vs. as basic leads. 


Time spent on a ticket is a valuable measurement for many organizations.   While total ticket age (difference between ticket create and close dates) shows how long tickets remain open understanding the actual time spent working on a ticket is important for many reasons (support costing, workforce management, hiring needs, etc.)


It would be great to have something like this added to HubSpot.


Being able to measure, report on, and understand the time spent within each stage of a ticket is very important.  Just as Sales needs to understand what may be holding up the sales process on a given deal or if a specific stage is becoming a bottleneck the same applies on the Service side.   Knowing Avg Time in Stage can help improve both onboarding and support efficiency.

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This would also be incredibly helpful for deal stages. Time spent in each deal stage.


+1. Basic, but relevant feature.




I just finished reading this whole thread and can't believe this is still not a feature.

We also are trying to find a way to track the time a deal is stuck in a deal stage. We want to take it up a notch and send an automatic email to the account manager and his suprvisor with the deals they have stuck per X amount of time.


Seems like there are a lot of people asking for this features, @jsg121  can we have a re-evaluation here?



We really need to be able to alert our sales team on "stuck" leads, through one report mailer which canbe sent automatically, say- once a week... We are looking for a way that this report mailer will alert on the following:

* "You have 10 Leads that are currently still stuck in the same stage for more then ONE WEEK. These leads are: A, B, C..." 

* "You have 4 Leads that are currently still stuck in the same stage for more then TWO WEEKs. These leads are: D, E, F..." 

* "You have 3 Leads that are currently still stuck in the same stage for more then ONE MONTH. These leads are: G, H, I..." 


This is in the core of our team's productivity need... How come Hubspot does not have a way to setup that??? Isnt that a basic produstivity capabity? 


This is must!! Basicly I really do not understand why HS is sooo slow for developing different reports and why they are open reporting "more" so I can manage myself more freely what I wanted to see...


Is the "Time in deal Stage" still not available as a regular feature (i.e. without using the APIs)?


I am asking since most entries on the "Time in deal stage" topic are from back in 2017.




Exporting of dates of when deals enter stages is critical to measuring deal velocity and for identifying potential bottlenecks during the Sales process.  The fact that these dates are already being captured by the CRM shows that HubSpot agrees with the idea that these dates provide value.  


The functionality to add these data points to a report already exists, it just currently displays that they are for 'chart only' and not exportable.  Exposing these dates and allowing them to be exportable would add even more value to HubSpot as a product and eliminate a current pain point.  


New SVP just asked me for this report. I told him we'd have to hack it. Smiley Frustrated


I used to be able to see time in deal stages in Pipedrive. You could set the goal time, and if a deal is longer in the stage it turns red.  It showed the times on the stage at each deal where Hubspot shows close date.  Our deals take nearly 8 months to close and we need the time shown in stage feature to see how long each deal sits in the stage so the customer team can follow up on those deals that are over their time in the stage.

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This is very critical in the sales process to understand how quickly a customer moves through lifecycle stages not only deal stages! Definitely an upvote on this one!


Omg please make this happen


+1, we very much need this!


Please add this asap. Definitely needed. This is critical to SLA's around tickets.


This is a must-have for our use case.  We can't really get insights on how our pipeline is moving without knowing how long a ticket is in each stage. 




We also need to track this.


Upping this as we definitely need this feature.