Calculate and Report on the Time between Two Properties


I would like to create a custom report where i can see how much time my contacts spend in each stage of their Contact Lifecycle. I am looking for something much like the "time in deal stage" available for deals.


I know that hubspot has the "became a lead date", "became an opportunity", "became a customer date" properties, but I can't seem to get any good report using these.


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This would help especially if a ticket is a higher priority than another - you would be able to see how a support agent should prioritise their work.


For us:  Instead of having a close date it would work much better for our workflow if the date changed when we switched the stage. That way we could quickly see how long a deal has been in that stage and also help us keep the deals in the proper order in their currect stage. 


Hello @Troy ,


We were speaking about export each stage change but if i have understood your need it is simplier and you can easily afford it :

- create a property "last stage change" (or use the close date if your really want)

- create a workflow based on deals with the trigger "Dealstage is known" and the reenrollment parameter active for each dealstage. Choose the workflow action "update property" and "set a timestamp"

-you have now a field with the last stage change


Btw you can do that for any property you want.

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Adding a "time per-activity" property might solve this?


A report run on any time period would be able to sum the property.  The report's time period could start/end as the ticket enters/leaves each stage.


Agree. We need this ASAP

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Great idea!

A workaround would be to download a list and upload it to Excel/Google Sheets and do the calculations there. Made a quick video showing the steps

Or to use an integration like G-Accon or Zapier to get the properties into Google Sheet and calculate it there.




I am adding a cherry onto the "track current time in deal stage" cake. My sales team is begging for this as they are doing it manually in spreadsheets for their check in meetings with leadership. 


@NicoP  I think you are misunderstanding what we are looking for. A simple "track current time in deal stage" is what we need.


Yes I have understand. And I confirm that you already can do it following the step I give you upper. The thing you can't do is export all the date and it is what @dsweatt  ask, your need is simplier.



@NicoP I'm sure you understand how your propsoed solution is a partial fix to the greater problem. If one utilizes your solution they then have to individually evaluate every deal based on when they entered the stage. Although your proposed solution saves a bit of time vs. an excel document it is still not as streamlined as it could be.


If "time in current deal stage" was readily viewable on all deals on the "Board" view of a pipeline, then it could be utilized by salespeople tracking those deals with great convenience. It would also help management during sales meetings/reviews. 


This is a must-have feature. 

The report would provide extremely valuable information for salespeople and marketers alike to identify where the problem lies/where the process is bottlenecked. 

We'd love to see this implemented asap!



I have been looking everywhere as well for this! Nothing currently integrates with HubSpot either to do this.
Right now we are looking at building our on App that sits on top of HubSpots API to do this...

Rather this be built right into the software itself. 

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This is needed! 


This is a must-have for our use case to track where the blockers are in our projects.


Totally need this function! Trying to determine the quality of our MQL's - and knowing how long they are in the marketing funnel would really help.


Still Nothing from Hubspot, this feature would be fantastic


Great functionnality to be developed!

I would need to export data other than properties only (for example time spent in each lifcycle stages for deals)

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Can we get an update on the status of this thread? Even when paying for Enterprise edition with calculated properties you still can't achieve this. This is fundamental to sales reporting and would be great to understand what holds it back from being a functional part of the platform. 




I would like to add my voice to this request - I'm sure we all agree that it can't be understated just how useful this feature would be. Given that the data is already on the deals, you'd think it would be relatively simple to make that exportable? Of course I'm not a dev so it may be incredibly complicated for all I know, but this thread has been open for 2 years or so...