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CTA's in Knowledgebase Templates

It would be useful to be able to add in a CTA's at all levels of the knowledgebase.

For example, at the KB home page, being able to have one CTA in a sidebar or between the search banner and categories


Then at a category level below the search banner


and then at an article level either in the sidebar, below the breadcrumb and within the rich text field.  At present in the rich text field, I can embed the HTML for the CTA, but I should be able to embed a CTA directly from the menu

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Aligned here!


I would like to be able to use basic CTAs and smart CTAs depending on whether someone viewing my Knowledgebase was a customer or not.


You can use an embed code to place CTAs in some spots here but it is not user-friendly and takes custom CSS if you're using image buttons.


Smart content would be a nice to have too!