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CTA retina display support


HubSpot automatically compresses images, CTAs - either custom image or the out of the box Hubspot stylings -- do not look crisp, clear and high-res on retina displays.



Add support for retina and otherwise address the image quality loss in CTAs.

HubSpot updates
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Upvote! The auto compression for retina images hosted in Hubspot is very annoying! Perhaps have an option to bypass this with an appropriate named resource (@2x prepend or something)


"Guys, huddle in and take a knee… Listen, it’s 2017. Mobile opens outweigh desktop opens by 2-1. Every mobile device has an HD display. Now … what the hell are you doing over there?"


agreed. macs make up a significant percentage of machines used. Retina and HD is here to stay. Having a native way to handle images without devs/js/coding is a must.


 It's not just macs but pretty much EVERY MOBILE DEVICE! Any half decent mobile device produced in the last couple of years has a high res screen and graphics containing text look rubbish if the image isn't made to suite.


The issue isn't the compression, it's due to not serving a large enough image. The image needs to be aprox' double height and width. If you have high compression and double size images, the images are still fairly small in filesize, but look great on screens with high pixel density, like retina.


Possible work around, foudn here: https://inbound.org/discuss/image-quality-loss-in-ctas


1. Make your CTA as you normally would, including uploading your 144 dpi image, and save the CTA.

2. Edit your CTA from the main list of CTAs, go to the Design tab, and click "Original" under Image Size. 

3. Save your CTA again, and voila! The quality is no longer crappy.


UPDATE: This doesn't work :/


Oh man I cannot beleive there is no way to display retina CTA images!

I have tried every which way to no avail... the possible work around above does not work.


Please make it so we can serve the original image but sized down! Thanks!


The workaround above looks helpful, but this is certainly something that should not require a workaround. 

But..... not sure this is going to be helpful for the Header/Footers? 


The workaround does not solve the problem here. 


It is currently not possible to have Retina CTA images. Cannot wait till it is possible!


Embarrassing pixelated CTA's misrepresenting our companies care about quality... Smiley triste


Yep - not good. No idea if there is even a road map for this?


Yup yup, same boat here - the combination of image compression and no retina support for the CTA is killing me. My emails look super sloppy because of that - it's just not good enough! 





Was just about to post a question about this - it's really a major pain. On mobile the CTA's look terribly blurry and I can't seem to fix this. It absolutely needs to change - something like 56% of our opens are on mobile Smiley triste